Monday, April 2, 2012


So first off, I´ll just say that I only got the opportunity to watch conference one session in Portuguese.... surrounded by screaming children. I got nothing out of it, so I´m just going to download it and listen to it in English!

But yeah, so this week was pretty short. We didn´t really have much of interest happen either, okay so this letter will probably short.

So I stayed in the house until Thursday just staying out of the sun and being really bored... REALLY bored. I had nothing to do at all. I couldn´t really read because my eye was still sore, so I just slept a lot.

Thursday we finally got it to work and we just hit the ground running . We passed by most of our investigators and talked to them and whatnot... but I can´t remember anything now. Go figure!

Friday... Friday was interesting. We went to Aracati to do interviews for the sisters. The bus to go there leaves at 7:30, but this day, it left at 7:10, so we didn´t have a way to get there. So we sit and think and a guy comes up to us and asks where we are going (really normal at this place really) and we say Aracati. He just says ´´right on, let’s go!´´. So we hop in his “taxi” with 2 other people and head off. One of them got dropped off pretty soon, so we just kept going. Then there was a young woman that was waving the car down, so he stopped and picked her up and told her to get in the back next to me (I think he was trying to set me up, mainly because after that he started turning the hard real fast and whatnot to cause jostling and such hahaha). So we keep going, and he stops and picks up an elderly couple. We had a total of 7 people in the car... which was a Volkswagen Golf. It was this way for about 15 minutes, then luckily it was our turn to get out. Then we did the interviews, lunch normal stuff and headed back to Pacajus at about 5. After that, we just worked in our area like normal.

Saturday, we worked in the morning before lunch (it was REALLY hot... even more than normal). Then we had lunch at the Elder´s Quorum President´s house and he said his sister was moving in with them and he wanted us to teach them (so we´re going there tonight! Yay references!). We finished up there and passed by a bunch of investigators to just leave short messages. Then we went to the Stake House (tee hee) to watch the Saturday Afternoon session of Conference. I loved Elder Soares (vai Brasil!) about following the spirit. I thought it was interesting that he said the best way to follow to spirit was to always do good things and think good thoughts because all good comes from God. Jesus is our example in this because he led the perfect life. After that, we went to a member´s house for dinner and then headed home.

Sunday we had sacrament just like normal (not sure why, something to do with the transmission of conference). But before we went to find an investigator that wasn´t sure if she would come back from a trip to go to church (turns out she didn´t). Then we went to church and there was a less active who came with his wife and mother. His mother is an active member but his wife isn´t , and so we got to know him and marked a day to go bay and get to know them, so it worked out pretty good. After that, headed home like normal.

Today, we went to a school and played around in the gym (football and basketball) and that wore us out pretty well. Then we came here.

That was our week and my brain is fried right now, so I´ll finish this up!

Love you all! (Especially you Aunt Mitzi! ;) )

Elder Cornwell

I gave him some questions to answer:

1. I had a hard time getting a good translation of this: pegei conjutivite, e tenho que ficar na casa por mais 4,talvez 5 dias. Que bom que tenho p-week! Então, estasemana pasada começoou no 2a feira, e terminou no 5a feira. Qe joia! I understand that you have conjunctivitis, but what exactly did the rest say?

It just says I got pink eye and I was to stay in the house the rest of the week

2. How long were you having problems with your eye(s)? I had it once for only a few days before and had 2 weeks clear

3. Did you go to a doctor? Yes. Got medicine and everything.

4. Will you be able to wear your contacts? Yes when it’s all completely clear... I´m still kicking the last little bit out, but I can work, so I will.

5. Did someone stay in your place with you the whole time you had to stay in? They had splits frequently

6. Since you have been on your mission what have you come to recognize as a blessing, that you didn’t think much about before? As a blessing? MY capacity to learn really. I recognized as a spiritual gift pretty soon from the beginning and it has helped me a lot. Also seminary is a BIG blessing. Sunday School too. Gospel knowledge will always come in handy. As for temporal blessings, I´m living in Brasil. I haven´t asked for anything of Heavenly Father on my part really, I just do what He has asked of me.

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