Monday, April 23, 2012

De novo!

I would send you all pictures this week, but this computer doesn´t want to recognize my card for some reason. Go figure, cuz I got some sweet ones! I´ll talk about that mais para frente, tá bom?


So, this week was just nuts. I mean NUTS. Sunday was the only day Elder Francis and I were in the area together for the whole day. NUTS.

So Tuesday, we had our district meeting, and then a Zone Lunch for the last week of transfers. After that, I went on splits with Elder Carreira (LZ) and he came to Pacajus. We taught Carole and tried to help her recognize a testimony. After, we went to Dianna´s. This is where you will see how involved the Lord really is involved in this work. So, normally the last interviews for Elders leaving are on Thursday, but this week, they were Wednesday. So Elder Pili was going to do divisions with me, but he had to go to the interview the next day, so Elder Carreira came instead. Then, we taught with Jane, and dropped her off. We hadn´t planned on seeing Dianna, but I looked down the street and decided to go anyways. We got there and she was talking to other people for like 15 minutes, and we were getting ready to leave and she came out finally. So we talked with her a little bit, and she wasn´t excited about the church or Baptism, so as we were talking, Elder Carreira and I decided to do a baptismal interview then and there. He went and did it, and she left really happy and excited. It had turned out that on Sunday, someone had said that she wouldn´t be able to baptised. After that, she didn´t want to have anything to do with the Church, and we would have cut her. So everything went in our favor there.

Wednesday, I went to Horizonte with Elder Costa and we visited a lot of people over there, then came back to do his training study.

Thursday.... I totally blanked on what happened on Thursday. Foi mal!

Friday, we started out by doing service for a member and painting their house. We had lunch there too, so it worked pretty smooth. But Elder Rocha and Francis ended up having to go to Fortaleza to get a contract from the Mission Office for a house in Horizonte. So Elder Costa and I ended up finishing it ourselves after lunch. WE got back to the house at like 3:30, and when we got all ready to go it was about 4:15. Then we realized that we didn´t have keys, and that we had to climb around our door to get in. So we had no way in our out. So we ended up starting his training study early that day.

That night, we got the call about transfers. We were all expecting to stay (that was what the President had told us after all). CHANGE OF PLANS! We both left the area! Elder Francis was transferred to my homeland (Castelo) and I was transferred to Baturité. Now I am in the same district as Elder Baltazar and his trainer, Elder Bodily! There is a son, father and grandfather in the same district! But that was kind of a surprise for all of us. The members especially.

Saturday, we went and did interviews in Aracati for the sisters, and got back around 5. Then we went and visited and said goodbye to some members and investigators.

Sunday was more of the same thing. Everyone was really surprised that we were both leaving (since it supposedly never happens). We spent that night packing up our stuff and staying up late with the other Elders.

Then today, we headed off to Fortaleza at 8 in the morning. When I got there, the first people I saw were Elders Empey, Heath and Swinney. We had a good time chatting and catching up on old times. Then I saw Elder B and the other Elder B (Bodily), got with my companion and we headed off to the Rodoviária. We got a bus to Baturité and two hours later, we are here! It is probably one of the most beautiful places I´ve been. I took a ton of photos, but can´t send them for some reason.

Anyways, my new companion is Elder Rodrigues. He is 18 and from São Paulo. He was born in the church, but his family went inactive about the time he was 8, then he was baptised later. He just got finished being trained, so it is his 3rd transfer in the field. I´ll send a picture when I can.

I´m all overwhelmed and stuff now, so I can´t remember a whole lot of this week, but this has been it!

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

P.S. I should be getting the package tomorrow at District Meeting. Thanks again Aunt Mitzi!

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