Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nova Semana e Dor da Cabeça!

Hello everybody!

Well, first I´d just like to inform that the rules for email have changed (not the time we have) but now we can email Priesthood Leaders, Friends and new-converts during p-day... so yeah. Send me emails and save the dollar on stamps.

But I don´t have a whole lot to talk about this week... there wasn´t a whole ton that happened... and I have a huge headache right now!

WE spent most of our time focusing on Jonaton and Lucas preparing them for their baptisms this week. We taught them about the gospel, and much of the higher standards of the restored gospel.

WE started to teach an incomplete family that came to the stake conference last week as well. The husband is a less active brother of a good member friend of ours, and they will be moving back to this area, so we started to teach them in the home of Alice and Arimatéia (Note for Mike... Elder Lobos from Misssão Brasil Goiânia, 1998-2000); They have been giving a lot of help with our investigators, so it’s good to give back to them.

Sunday, I gave a talk about the restoration, using the parables of the lost sheep and Dracma from Luke. I compared the lost object to a lack of something, and how the Restoration compares to us finding a lost thing... and how we must rejoice and call all to rejoice with us.

Then today was a holiday, so we did a barbecue with some members at the church... maybe that is why I have such a huge headache! But this week was kind of lackluster. Next week will be much more eventful, without a doubt!

So that’s all... I hope to hear from you all soon (read: Samantha Sharpe!)!!!

Love, Elder Cornwell

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Super Hectic week!

Hello everybody! News of visits to LA make me jealous, but I´m quite enjoying myself here (the weather is great!)!

So this week has been super hectic for us, but I´ll start right in on the main parts of the week.

So after transfers, I stayed with Elder Farias, from Rio Grande do Sul. We talked a lot about soccer, and we spent most of Monday and Tuesday in Novo Aldeota (Papicu). Tuesday night, we headed over to the Mission Office to pick up our new companions. We had to wait at the secretaries´ house for a while, and about 7:30 we headed over to the mission office. There were 26 missionaries... 15 elders and 11 sisters. A LOT of people. So I got my new companion, Elder Curl from Lehi, Utah. He isn´t from the new age group, but he came out before going to college (he headed out in December) and he spent one transfer in LA waiting for his visa to come in. So we headed off back home, and we slept almost instantly... we got back at about 9:30 and it had been a hectic day for us both!

Wednesday, we hit the ground running and started off with our study and training program. But the highlights of the week were three references we received. 

Lucas has been going to seminary a lot, and is decided that he will be baptized. So we taught about the restoration and Book of Mormon and he really liked it. The best part was that we taught everything in a member´s home, so that really helps us. The only problem with him was that he lives in another ward than the member lives in, but he accepted to start coming to the other ward in order to be baptized.

Jonaton also has been going to seminary, but we hadn´t actually gotten to know him yet. Saturday, we were able to teach him and his mother. They were both very interested, and we talked about the Book of Mormon with them. We marked Jonaton's baptism for this week, and we will try to bring his mother with him.

Moisés was the last one, who was a reference of Ronald. He is a co-worker of his, but he doesn´t go to any church, because he doesn´t feel they are right, but Ronald has been preparing him, sending text messages of scriptures of the Book of Mormon to him. So we taught him about the Restoration and he felt it to be true and something that would really help him follow Christ. Unfortunately, he had to work on Sunday and couldn´t come to stake conference.

Stake conference was pretty full, but we couldn´t really hear a lot because the sound system was kinda bad.

Well, that was my busy busy week!

Love, Elder Cornwell

P.S. Sorry if it´s short, but I am crushed for time again!
 Allison's note:
Here are some pictures Kyle sent today...but, as usual, he doesn't mention them so I don't know who or where they are.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

De volta à serra!

Hello everybody! Another quick week, but we worked a lot and were super busy!

Sadly, I don´t have a whole ton of time, but I´ll include the highlights of our week.

WE spent a good time this week working with Ronald and his family. His mother wants him to wait a little before being baptize, because she is from another church. We chatted with a little bit about the subject, and we led into a lesson about the apostasy and the Restoration. She, like most Brazilians, believes that it doesn´t matter what church we go to, because God will save his righteous. We talked about the restored church and the book of Mormon with her to help her see the differences.

WE also worked a good bit with some less actives, focusing on studying the book of Mormon. The people who did read and study see the differences that its making, the other people, still don´t know what they are missing!

on Friday, we went to Baturité to do Baptismal Interviews. I did the interviews at night, so in the meantime, we visited some investigators, and other people that I knew from my time there. I was happy to see that everybody remembered me! Even people I didn´t teach haha! The interviews I did were with a family that was the brother of Ancylia (the people who make salgados). I interviewed the wife first, and she was worried she wouldn´t be able to stay active (her daughter is less-active) but I completed the interview and assured her that baptism was the most important part for her to stay active. I also read a good number of scriptures to teach her what she needed to do to stay active (prayer, fast, scripture study). After, I talked with the husband, who was still unsure of some things, and I think he had missed some of the lessons, but he knew he should be baptized and has seen the growth in his family.

Sorry for the short letter, but I´m dealing with some computer problems here! But that was my week!

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

Friday, March 1, 2013

Pictures from Facebook

Taken about a year ago when he had Elder Johnny as a companion.