Monday, April 9, 2012

Aluma título legal!

Boa Tarde/bom dia meus queridos!

This week was looooooooong... or at least felt that way. So I´ll just start in on it.

Monday, we did a family home evening with a members and we left a message about prophets (to give an intro to the 1st lesson since there were some non members there), After we just chatted and ate, and then we headed back home.

Tuesday we had District Meeting in the morning and we commemorated Easter. Here they just give chocolate eggs to each other (a little less unrelated to Christ compared to our tradition it seems). Afterwards, we headed out to lunch and got there at like 1:30. The member had to go work so we ate really fast. Then we walked all the way down south of the town to go to some appointments, and headed back to teach a casal (man/woman... not necessarily married) real close to where we had lunch. That night I started stretching for exercise hahaha.

Wednesday was just.... normal. I left my planner at home again, so I’m kind of lost about what happened throughout the week. But for sure it involved a TOOOOOOOOOON of walking. I am really just blanking on almost the whole week. OH! I remember now.

So Thursday, Elder Costa and I went on splits since the others had a leadership meeting in Fortaleza. After lunch we had an appointment with a young woman who is interested in the church. She does dancing for a marching band though, so she is always out of town on Sundays. We conversed for a while, left a message and then headed out. Then we went to teach a friend of Jane (recent convert) and then we went to teach a different friend of hers and her mom. Then we went to a Pizzaria with some members and their non member friends to start that connection.

Friday (Dia dos Mórmons here) though, we had pretty much nothing marked (which was weird since Thursday and Saturday were chock full.) So we went around and tried to get references, knocked some doors and visited a less active. That day was reeeeeaaaaaallly long because we walked all over town.

Saturday, we had a few things marked, but not until later and our lunch was going to be money, so we just ate at home, and then headed out. Our first appointments fell through (probably because of the holiday), and after we went out with Jane again at about 4 o’clock and taught some of her other friends until night. One of them who we had already taught this week (Carole) was really excited about it all. Her Mom was a little apprehensive it seemed because she is a member of another church, but she was supportive and said she might even visit church (MIGHT). After that it was already pretty late, so we headed back.

Sunday, we had lunch with a member I didn´t really know, but we talked a lot after lunch (which was goat. Really good stuff!) and we got to be more acquainted with her. Then we stopped by Jane´s to see who of her friends were really going to church, then made a few quick visits. After that was Church. Our Priesthood lesson was about Eternal Life. It was interesting because they talked about how life doesn´t start after our death, because our spirit never dies, so eternal life has already started and we need to live life with that perspective. That is a key difference in our church. We know where we are, were we are going, and what is most important in life. It reminds me of the Rich man who came to Jesus asking how he could gain Eternal life. After he made the comment about a camel and the eye of a needle. Turns out the Eye of a needle is a term for a small door in the walls of Jerusalem. For a camel to pass through, the load had to be taken off, and put back on in the other side. So why load ourselves up with stuff we are just going to take off? This is why we have covenants... we have other things waiting for us on the other side if we do our part on this side. Its guaranteed that we will receive these things and that the others will ´rust and be eaten by moths´.

Sacrament meeting was all of the Bishopric talking... which would normally be awesome, but it’s the 6th Sunday in a row that our bishop has given a talk. It’s just part of the church in this area.

That night, I made scones. I didn´t have real yeast., so it wasn´t as soft as normal, but it was still reeeeeal good. Then today we went to the municipal and played volleyball and then came here1

That was my week! and Brother Murray, Hi! hahaha. I´m glad to hear all the support I am getting from home... I can really feel it out here in the field.

Welp, that was my week. A little busy, and a lot of walking! (Drew can sympathize!)

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

P.S. Mom, I want a list of all my younger friend´s mission calls and whatnot!

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