Monday, April 30, 2012

Mais Um!

Hello everybody!

So this week passed by fast/slow. It seems fast now, but each day was REALLY long.

So. Monday, after doing our P-day stuff, we went and visited an older man who had gone to church (I spent most of this week getting to know members and other people). Afterwards, we went to family night with a few families. It was at the house of Branco. The dude is really awesome, and loves the missionaries... which is great, because he runs a pastel and salgado stand!

Tuesday, we were at lunch for a long time because the sister started making lunch when we got there. Afterwards we visited Deborah, who knows everything, but hasn´t gone to church because something always comes up in the way. This week, her Dad broke his foot and she had to take him to the hospital. Afterwards we taught Beatriz and her mom. The whole time her mom was asking questions about Catholic Doctrine. We had been talking about Jesus’ ministry, so I felt bad for her because we had to say ´´Well, Jesus didn´t institute that´´ or  “That wasn´t how Jesus did it.”  But she still liked it (but isn´t interested in following).

Wednesday, we went to district meeting in Fortaleza (two hour bus ride there and back) and we had to have lunch at our house. Then we started looking for a new apartment/house since the landlady of the apartment wants it back (or R$50 more) to do something with her aluminum business. We visited Shellida and Leidianne and talked with them mainly about what they thought of the lessons and if they read/prayed about it. Then we visited Karlienne and Evilania and talked to them about preparing for baptism.

Thursday, we had lunch with Irmão Branco, which was awesome haha. Then we set out looking for a house again. We found a few and looked at them, but none that would suit President´s fancy. Then at night, we taught Luciano about the Book of Mormon. 

Friday, we taught a bunch of people. We taught Brena, Beatriz, Shellidah about commandments. We talked with Karlienne and Evilania again about their baptism to help them prepare. Then we taught a woman named Lange about the plan of salvation. I tried to clear up that there was a continuation of life, but it wasn´t reincarnation, which she believes in ´sigh´.

Saturday, we found a house that the President approved, and then headed to the casapela to get the "font" ready for the baptism. We had problems with water, but dot it all sorted out. Then we had the baptism of Karlienne and Evilania. The baptism was just nuts. So they got there early and there were people there for an institute class that didn´t end up happening. We only had two baptismal suits for them to wear since the Branch President has the rest and he had to go to the hospital that day. So we give them the suits to change into, aaaaaand the zipper is broken on one of them. So they decide to have one of them get baptised and then change and then the other would wear it to be baptised. There was a sister there who was just weeping and wailing about how bad their baptism would be and that they should wait a week, but Evilania wasn´t having any of it. She said, “No, I´m going to get baptised NOW!”  And she started towards the font. After that, it went without a hitch. It was really neat to see how important this was to them. Just a note, they are the first baptism I´ve seen here on the mission from a contact. Just goes to show it really is the member´s who make a difference.

Sunday, we had stake conference in Fortaleza, and a family we hadn´t seen before came on the bus to see it. We´re going to follow up on that tomorrow.

So my thought for the week. I read the parable of the talents (Luke 19) this week and I thought about how it relates to the three kingdoms. There are three people who are given gifts (bodies, life, agency) by a king. The king goes to receive a kingdom and the people don´t accept him (what king was not accepted by the people of his own covenant?). He comes back and judges the three based on their works with what they were given. The person who does the best receives the most and accordingly. Just an interesting thought I had.

So that was my week! I´m running out of time, so I´ll close with that. Love you all!


Elder Cornwell

Mom asked some questions and Elder Cornwell answered them:

Q. Are you the senior companion? 
A. Yes.

Q. Tell us a bit more about Elder Rodrigues. 
A. He´s 18, he is the youngest in his family and he likes Palmeiras (ick).

Q. Is Elder Rodrigues a hard worker? 
A. I think so, we go full speed and he doesn´t mind.

Q. Describe your apartment and who all you live with (where they are from, ages, etc.). 
A. Our apartment is about to change to one above a baptist church. Its just us that live here. The next closest area is Mauranguape (Elder Baltazar and his trainer Elder Bodily)

Q. What makes Baturité so beautiful? 
A. It´s one of those towns set in the mountains. Its hard to describe, but google maps it... it has some street view parts you can look at.

Q. Any moldy clothing yet? 
A. Nope not yet!

Q. Have you given away lots of t-shirts 
A. Traded and given away... I still have a bunch more though!


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