Monday, May 7, 2012

Pode Dizer... ´Snake´?

Hello everybody!

Here are some pictures of your beautiful people, Mom.

The first one is with a new convert, Karla. The other ones are Irmão Branco e Irmã Ancylia. I don´t have any other photos of this area on this card.

So first things first... Emails from the mission say nothing about calling home this week... so I have a feeling someone forgot about it in the mission office. I´ll pull up that email with the calling card information and get that all straightened out just in case.

So, this week went by kind of slow it seems like, at least the days went by slow. But here we go!

So, Tuesday, we had district meeting in Parangaiba, so two hours there. After district meeting, we had lunch with the ZL´s in their area, and then headed home. We got back at about 5, so it put a good sized dent in our work that day. WE still managed to talk to the girls who just got baptized and find three new investigators. The bad part is, one ran into us on the street and said she didn´t want   anything to do with the church (which means someone in her family talked to her) and the other studies here, and lives somewhere else. Such is the life!

Wednesday, we taught a neighbor of the recent converts, a husband (I think) of an investigator, two eternal investigators, and Luciano. The day was full, but I don´t remember a whole lot. Just that when we taught the two eternal investigators, the mom said ´´Oh, my sister in law here was one of you!´´ and we´re thinking ´´Oh, how interesting! What church was that?´´ Then we remembered the only other church around here that sends out missionaries is the Assemblia de Deus (God´s Assembly or something like that). They aren´t exactly friendly with our church here, so you can probably figure out how it went talking with her.

Thursday was really busy too. After lunch, we taught Deborah about tithing because she had a question about it, and then we headed off to Beira Rio to teach some people there. We taught a girl named Isabelle who is a friend of a less active member, and her cousin. We ended up giving a run down of the restoration and talking a lot about Joseph Smith and prophets with them, because Isabelle already heard it, but about a month ago. At the end of the night, we taught two friends of another recent convert, one of which already wants to be baptized. They just have to go to church now! (more about that subject later)

Friday was more of the same. WE talked to some recent converts, and talked with another old investigator who is grateful for having gotten to know the ´´Mormon Religion´´. Just smile and wave, boys. AFter, we talked with Leidianne (recent convert) and her friends again.

Saturday, we had lunch in Aracoiaba (about 30 minutes from Baturité) and got back at about 3:30 and headed out and talked to practically ALL of our investigators doing all we could to make sure they went to church. All but one person had absolute certainty that they were going to visit. We talked with Shellidah and her friend (who looks like she could be her sister) Geberlane about church and whatnot since Shellidah hasn´t visited yet. We also passed by some old investigators who had the same old ´´Some day I´ll visit!´´.

Then Sunday. Oh Sunday. So we go to church, and 10 minutes until the start of sacrament meeting, there are about 20 people there in total. It turned out that 40 people came, but that is including little kids and everything. Our only investigator to come was Luciano, but we were happy with that. It was fast and testimony meeting, so just about everyone bore testimony. Including our investigator! Such a good feeling to have that happen. After the meeting I went to talk to him a little bit and he turns and says to me ´´Now, baptism!´´. Super awesome. So we went to his house that night and talked to him about baptism and helped him with questions and then marked his baptism for this Sunday after church. He said he had gone to so many other churches but nothing seemed right, and then he turned to other things and had been stuck with them until we came. He said that when we passed by him the first time, he felt like someone ´´touched´´ him. Things that make me smile!

So that was my week! It seems like it happened so long ago! AS for the guitar, it has already been well used... I don´t know about using it for contacts though... its a pain to carry around!

As for my area, its the whole city, and other cities around it, but we mainly work here, since its the only one that has a building/branch.

I can´t think of anything else to say, so I´ll close with that!

Love you all!
Elder Cornwell

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