Monday, January 2, 2012

Slow Week; Sick Missionary

So we got another uneventful week. Everyone in my area either left town or was in a state of drunkenness for about a week straight... that´s my mission! Also, my companion took it upon himself to share everything within the companionship so low and behold, I have a cold! Who would´ve known that was possible here? Its been 90 degrees everyday practically... which here is WAY hotter than 85.

This week was just slow in general. We went by member´s and investigator´s houses just hoping that someone was home so we would have 40 minutes less of wandering around the town. The only people we visited frequently were Aline and Aldênia. They´re both building a strong foundation with their testimonies, but still have some fears about baptism, so we´re just going one step at a time.

We are also teaching this family (Mom Dad and 2 daughters) and the two girls practically eat out of my palm. Its just ridiculous. Elder Baltazar will talk and invite them to do things and they will just be like ´eeeh, sure.´ But whenever I talk or invite them to do things, they are just straight smiles and giggling and they say they will do anything I ask. Saturday night, we were inviting EVERYONE to go to church and we stopped by there. Elder Baltazar invited them to Church and they thought it was kind of early and I said ´´Só acorda um pouco cedo, e nós vamos lá!´´ Which is basically ´´Get up early then you lazy bums!´´. They went for it. Of course they didn´t go to church, so I think that whole admiration thing won´t be a problem when it comes to joining the church.

Other than that, New Years, we stayed up and made food, and ate until midnight. Made noise and whatnot, then went to bed. It was LOUD because everyone was doing the same kind of fireworks (not even colored!).

In reality, that was my week. Nothing really of note. Also, I´m sick and have no desire to think at the moment.

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell.

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