Monday, January 23, 2012

A Chuva Chegou!

Hello everybody!

So weatherwise, this week has been great/horrible. In the mornings, it has been raining just about everyday and a good amount too. It stays overcast until about 3, and then its like I'm walking in a hot tub. It is soooo humid... its just miserable! But then at night, it gets pretty cool again... which I like!

So this week wasn't super eventful again. Lots of walking and beginning to teach people... so I guess I'll just skip t the good parts.

So, one of those kids we taught at the church invited us to teach his family, so we went and taught them (obviously). The father was very excited... he kept on saying "up to this point, I've been catholic, but I will go to church from here on out!. We taught him with the Bishop and as we were leaving the Bishop said "Until next time!" and he replied "No, until Sunday!" The only problem is he works nights every other day, so he can only come to church every other week, and this week was his work day. But this kid has a sister, who is 16, and she had already gone to church a few times somewhere else in the city, but when she went back home she kept going with her family. She came to church on sunday and LOVED it. She liked it when she went before, but she was excited this time even more. She said her Dad would love it, so we can't wait!

On Friday night, we ran into someone on the street who had been at a member's house for lunch on time. She was with a friend and they invited us in to teach. We taught them all together and she said that when we went to lunch at that members hous, she no longer had the desire to attend her church. We had left a Book of Mormon for her with the member, but we never had an opportunity to contact her. Anyways, afterwards, she had us go to her house and teach her husband and daughter. They were so excited about it, especially the husband. He said he had gone to other churches, but the way the people were and how church was, he didn't like. So we taught them all together again, and invited them to church. So Sunday comes and they are all there together (they went with that member) and the husband was sitting there in Priesthood with a huge grin on his face. They loved all the learning and the talks and such. We were really lucky to find contact with her again.

Heres a bit of funniness for you. So, there were two girls who graduated from primary up to young women. Yesterday, the young women president (she and her husband are like our best friends) found out that one of the girls hadn't been baptised. She yanked us over and introduced her saying "This is Lara. She has been going to church for FOUR years and just graduated from Primary. And she hasn't been baptized yet!" Her siblings have all been baptised and come to church every sunday, but she says she just doesn't want to. We're going to talk to her more this week, but Elder Baltazar was beside himself because we have had an investigator at church this whole time. Go figure!

So that was the major goings ons of this week. Our appliances and stuff for the new house haven't goten here yet, so we are going to some member's houses today to cook/socialize and whatnot.

Sorry this letter is short, but hopefully its sweet enough! I love you all and have a good week!

Love Elder Cornwell

P.S. How is the snow back home? It's so hot here, I was thinking about snow, but my thoughts melted. I guess I'll have to wait a bit before I experience it again!

Bruce asked Kyle: Lots of people have been asking about you. They usually say, "what do you here from Kyle?" So give me a line or two to use on them.

Kyle answered: If only I had a postcard pointing at the temperature saying its 85 degrees and 66% humidity! You can tell them I´m sweating from working in the vineyard ;)

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