Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Transfers!

Hello everybody!

So, surprise! Transfers were this week (today) so now Dad knows where that falls! Elder Baltazar went somewhere else to be an LZ and I left too. Now I´m in Pacajus, about an hour outside of Fortaleza and I´m companions with Elder Johnny. Don´t let the name fool you, he is from Ribeiro Preto (São Paulo) and thank goodness he is Cornthiano too! He has 10 months out in the field, and our area is HUGE. We are in Pacajus 1 (or A) and it is about half of a city of 50,000, so its pretty big.

Anyways, this week... I don´t even remember what happened this week! I think it was pretty much normal as in we taught the usual people more and more lessons, just that it got overshadowed by leaving the area and coming to a new one.

This week, pretty much all that I remember is the following.

We taught Erick, Erika, Francisco and Sandra all the lessons, and Erika will be baptized this week. We found this family through soccer, and we would have baptized her on Sunday, but she drank coffee on friday night, so we had to wait. We ended up leaving about 5 other people for the next Elders to baptize, Elder Baltazar wasn´t excited about that. We had quite a bit of troubles in that area, but the last two weeks went pretty well for us.

We visited Dona Bia, Carlos and Iago a bunch too. We just stop by to make sure everything is good (Since we baptized Carlos) and we usually just talk a bit with Iago, he is 16, and Dona Bia just makes us food.
Definitely will miss them a lot.

On Friday, we did splits again with Elder Heath, and I went in his area, and we ended up going around the whole day with a guy named Toni who is leaving on his mission here in about 2 weeks. It reminded me of my time before the mission. But it was fun, we taught a bunch but he told us a cool experience. So he was waiting for us, thinking that he wouldn´t go with us, and then we showed up. When we showed up he thought to himself ´´Só vai´´ or ´´Just go!´´. I thought about how true that is with things in the church. We just don´t want to do things sometimes, but we should just suck it up and go to it. That is especially true here on the mission. Its hard to get motivated and go sometimes, but in the end, you just have to get up and go!

That night, we got the call on transfers (Elder Baltazar had been called the night before and knew that he was leaving) so I was just waiting to hear who my new companion would be. I was really surprised to hear that I would be going to Pacajus. All I knew about it was that it was about an hour into the interior! The rest of the week, we passed by investigators and members and talked, taught and said our goodbyes. The ward about cried when we left, since we were their first missionaries just for them, and we were both leaving.

On Sunday, Elder Baltazar gave a talk on the importance of missionary work, and he said ´´Awesome, now that I´m leaving, I´ll be able to straight up tell these people what they need to be doing that they haven´t been doing!´´ The word he used was ´´Quemar´´ which means ´to burn´. After church we said our goodbyes, and I almost got bitten by a snake. One of the young women that we got references from was saying goodbye and tried to give me a hug. I literally had to stop her and tell her that wasn´t allowed hahahaha. The best part is, she said ´´oops, I forgot!´´ and then went and did the same thing to Elder Baltazar. Its funny how different the members are with missionaries here!

So today, we got up early, and finished packing our stuff, and headed to the mission office. We talked with all the other missionaries for a bit, and I met Elder Johnny and we headed out. We had to take a taxi to the terminal, and then a bus to Pacajus, then walk to our house. We got there about 2:30 in the afternoon. After that, we just relaxed until Elder Smith and Batista got here, then we went to go use the internet! Elder Smith was in my group in the CTM, so we´re excited to be living in the same house.

I have no idea what we are going to do for the rest of today or any of that, so I´ll have to fill you in on that next week!

That´s really all I got now, so I´ll close with that!

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

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