Monday, December 26, 2011

Was it Christmas?

Hello and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

It didn´t really feel like Christmas, mainly because it was 85 out, everybody was drinking and nobody was at church. We had 15 people in our Church Meeting of 30 minutes. I thought it was ironic. Elder Baltazar said that that was his first time going to sacrament meeting on Christmas!

Pretty much everyone here went on a trip somewhere so we´ve had no one to teach and no members to talk to, so this week was very uneventful.

Our Christmas party was fun though. We had a talent show which was finished by President Souza when he played guitar and sang for sister Souza hahaha I will never forget that. After we had a huuuuge lunch and then finished with a Christmas program done by the Zone Leaders. All in all it was an enjoyable experience. We returned home at 8:30 and that was that day.

Christmas, we had church early, and then we called home (which was way awesome!). AT about 2 we went to George and Monalisa´s house for lunch and they had a tooooonn of food for us and we ate and talked and just enjoyed the time for about 2 hours. Then we went back home because everyone else was out of town. Elder BAltazar and I were alone in the house (which is odd in a house of 8 elders) so we just watched church movies and ate treats until like 9 when the others came back and then we played card games until we went to sleep. IT was a fun day, but it just didn´t feel like Christmas(I think because of the Forro playing and the fact that was 85 out helped).

But really, that was my week! Sorry it was uneventful, and I´ll apologize in advance for next week because it will be worse!

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

Note from Allison: We spoke to Kyle for about an hour yesterday. Michele, Kate, Drew and Mike were also able to speak to him (some via cell phones/speaker phone combo).

Kyle is doing very well and is enjoying his experience immensely. He says he also LOVES the food (beans, rice, pasta and meat and lots of very good fresh fruit).

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