Monday, January 9, 2012

I can´t remember if this week was busy or not...

Hello again!

So this week was a different week again. We had a bunch of things that weren't holidays kind of get in the way of the work, but all in all the week went on just normal! Also, I managed to borrow a card reader from another elder for today, so I sent some pictures of my area and other goings-on.

There weren’t any events of real significance this week. It was just the normal work work work. We have 4 investigators who are coming along, so I've taught the "hard" lessons a bunch of times (tithing, word of wisdom and chastity). It wasn't that rough for me because we had 2 straight weeks of nothing and I just wanted to get back in it. So this week was a lot better because we actually got a chance to talk to people!

On Thursday we had splits because of some training for the leaders, so Elder Heath and I had both of our areas (which was a lot of walking). We had lunch in his area, then went home and studied, back to my area, taught Aline and Silvana some commandments, then back to his area to teach a couple who had been together for 14 years but not married. We taught them chastity and it was funny because the wife was joking around and the husband was seemingly uncomfortable with her doing that. He didn't want to get married because "everyone gets married and divorced, I don't want to break apart" like marriage is going to make them separate. I said "You've been together for 14 years already... don't you think your relationship would last a lot longer with the promised blessings of marriage?" They didn't respond hehehe.

On Saturday we went to a member's house for lunch, but on the way we passed through the feira, which is basically a big outdoor market. It was cool to walk through because it was all fake stuff and fresh fruit. It was the kind of thing mom would LOVE. It was kind of like in El Paso, but they weren’t stores, just little stands. I ended up buying a Fortaleza jersey for R$10 or like $6... score! Definitely not an original, but I don’t care! They have a big central market here that we will probably go to next week that is all stores and stuff. There is just always something going on in this town.

The only other thing to really happen was Sunday, we brought a less active member and her husband to church, and afterwards her husband really liked it. It turns out he has already been before, so we started going forward with preparing for baptism. He is really excited about it. His family was baptised but he wasn’t, so it’s a cool chance for us. It was funny, in sacrament meeting, we were sitting there and Elder Baltazar tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to them. I looked over and he had a package of cookies and offered some to us with a big smile. It made me chuckle.

So that's really all I have this week! Hope you like the pictures I attached!

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

P.S. Congrats to Drew and Chrissy for the arrival of Mason! Now Drew can torment someone other than me! Also for Mike, STEELERS LOST! PPPBBBBBBBLHLHLHLLTTLHLTHT ;)

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