Monday, June 3, 2013

Interesting Answers to Questions

I asked Elder Cornwell to tell me about:

1.      What happens at your transfer meetings?
            A. Basically, President gives a thought, and the secretaries talk for a little about after the meeting, and then the areas and companionships are announced. Then it’s off to the new area! Nothing very special happens... it’s a meeting of about an hour in total.

2.   The miracles you see around you (simple things)
            A. Most miracles that I see are people being softened by the Spirit as we visit them, people having their lives changed by reading just a chapter of the Book of Mormon, or a prayer that was said not personally, but at the end of a lesson. We also run into a lot of people being guided in very simple things. The Spirit can only work with our knowledge, so instead of saying ´´Go to this street and talk to this person, because they are waiting for you´´ the Spirit will say ´´Go visit so-and-so´´ and they won´t be there, but the person waiting for us will. We are guided to someone who needs our message in that moment almost every day.

3.      Some things you struggle with
            A. Fatigue! I am ALWAYS tired! It gets hard to focus sometimes and reason when we teach, but getting up is easy when everybody else gets up too, and there is some sort of interaction in the morning. I have never been homesick, it doesn´t feel like I´ll be home in three months and it is easy to be obedient. The only difficulty is being tired!

4.      Are you now in the mission you will end with?  Has the mission already opened?
            A.  I am. The zone Messejana is part of Fortaleza Leste, the actual division will happen on the 1st of July.

5.      What kind of interactions do you have with the members of the ward?
            A. We get a lot of cups of water from them, and we talk a lot about their friends and such to get references and teach those references with the members. WE always try to establish a friendship, but we always have that focus on our work. If a member isn´t willing to work or isn´t able to work with us during the week, we simply don´t have a reason to interact with them, but thank goodness, this area everybody is able and willing to work with us.

6.      Do they do nice things for you (besides give you referrals)?
            A. always give us water, a snack and stuff like that. There isn´t much more they can do for us, but its more than plenty for us!

7.       Where do you do your laundry?
            A. We have a washing machine at home, so we always are doing our laundry. There aren´t any Laundromats here. Kind of different from at home, because we have to scrub our shirts (sweat + dirt=marks on white shirts).

8.       What do you do on P-day?
            A. Our P-days here are kind of dull... we can´t play soccer, nor get together with more than four missionaries, so normally it’s just finding something to do at home, or sleeping after our email home.

10.  How often do you “cook” (I don’t mean make a sandwich)?
            A. Not that often... this morning I made French toast, but it’s been maybe a month since I´ve cooked something.

11.  How often do you eat with members?   Do you all eat together?
            A. Every lunch is with the members, and we usually always eat together with EVERYBODY. They serve us first, and then its eat eat eat until the food is gone (1 kilo of rice is R$2 and 1 kilo of beans is R$4, so there is always plenty to eat).

12.  Give me some cultural information
            A. That’s a hard question to answer haha... the big festival from this region is the Festa Junina, which I have no idea what is actually about. The typical plate is Baião and Carne do sol, the traditional music is called forró (look up Luiz Gonzalez on YouTube and you´ll get to know it). There is also a big fishing culture, for being on the beach. and Soccer... lots of soccer. Like people kill over teams that dispute 2nd and 3rd divisions. Crazy!

13.  Any other interesting tid-bits
            A. It’s always hot! They have summer and ´winter´ or in other words, super hot and hot n rainy.

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