Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hello everybody!!

This week was suuuuuuuper slow. Totally not, it went by SO fast! I´m just going to give the hilights, since most of our investigators stopped progressing.

So the beginning of our week was kind of slow, especially Wednesday because Brazil was playing here in Fortaleza, so everything literally stopped. EVERYTHING. Plus, we were on divisions. I was with Elder Caceres from São Paulpo/ Uruguay. Before, we managed to visit a contact that kind of contacted us. Her name is Lídia and she goes to church just because she knows she should. We had a great lesson, but she was traveling this weekend, so she couldn´t come to church. That was the highlight of that day.

Thursday, we had interviews, so we headed out early to the center. They were our last with Pres. Souza, so he kind of did an exit interview with me, asked about my plans for the near future. Afterwards, we went and marked De Assis and Cintia´s wedding, that´ll be the 19th of July. We headed back, and I was feeling nasty because of the bus ride, so we rested a little, adn at 4, we were back to it.

The other highlights were on Sunday. I gave a talk on Missionary Work in Sacrament Meeting. I spoke most about how to participate in the work, we just need to participate. The more we do it, the more we are inspired in how we can do it our own friendship circle. As missionaries, we can see everyday how much we could have shared the message with our friends, and as members help in the work, they too have that feeling.

 That was my week! I love you all and until next time!

 Elder Cornwell

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