Monday, May 27, 2013


Hello everybody! So another quick one this week, since there are a LOT of things to do today.

So this past week, we worked a lot with Franklin, Lucicleide and Marcilio for Saturday. On Friday, we went and did their wedding, and while we were there, we were witnesses for another couple who needed witnesses. We got their address and passed a golden reference onto the elders in that area! Then Saturday night, we did the baptism service, and Sunday they were already confirmed! 

Unfortunately, we both were transferred (since this transfer was only 5 weeks) and I am now in my new old area! I came back to Castelo, my first area, and my companion is Elder Cruz from São Paulo. I´ve already known Elder Cruz for a good amount of time and I am very excited to work with him here!

So this is just a short one, but for sure next week will be a good sized letter!

Love Elder Cornwell

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