Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nova semana, Mesma Coisa

Hello everybody!

So this week was a lot like last week. LOTS OF WORK!

Monday, we went to De Assis and Cintia again, and did a family night thing.

Tuesday, we went and contacted more references that we had. We contacted an 80 year old woman named Maria. It was a really neat experience for us. We talked a little bit, since she lives alone and loooooves visits. We talked about the restoration, and as we talked about the first vision, we felt a very strong sense of love... mayube a fraction of what Heavenly Father has for us.

Wednesday, we contacted two more families in the afternoon, and a little later, we talked with some members that I knew from the first time around here!

Thursday, EVERYTHING fell through. Everything.

Friday was much better. We talked with three different girls who are coming to church regularly, but still don´t want to be baptized. WE don´t really know why! Then, we went with the Bishop and visited Maria again, and a member less-active and his wife, Nirinha. Afterwards, we contacted another reference from the activity on saturday.

Saturday, we visited everybody! WE also met a new investigator named Eliane. She was another reference from an activity. Anyways, as we talked to her,m she asked a lot of questions and she said that she felt empty by all other churches she had been to, and was looking for something to fill that emptiness (I about fell out of my chair at this point). We left a lengthy message with her, since she had MANY questions for us. All of which, we answered with the answer she loved!

Sunday, De Assis and Nirinha came to church, but our other invewstigators had some problems in the morning and couldn´t come. Afterwards, we kind of did a round up to help them go to stake conference next week.

and that was my week! Simple stuff... just work work work! Oh! Also, I stepped on a nail in the street, but it didn´t go in my foot... just poked a hole in my shoe. Miracles!

Love you all,

Elder Cornwell

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