Monday, April 1, 2013

AH! QUE CORRERIA! (with pictures!)

Hello everybody! 

So this week was SUPER hectic. We had to go to Fortaleza twice and walk the entire center and part of Aldeota both times! (Praça José de Alencar, Fortaleza - CE to Av. Santos Dumont, 3000, Fortaleza - Ceará). On top of that, there were baptismal interviews, baptisms and a whole lot of stuff!

So, we had our district meeting like normal on Wednesday, but my package didn´t come then... I actually got it on Saturday, but more on that later.

Then Thursday, during our study... the secretaries called, asking us if we would be able to make to the scripture office by 10 to go to an eye doctor for Elder Curl, and a foot doctor for me (I HAD an ingrown toenail). So we booked it out of there, and headed by train to Fortaleza, which only takes like 25 minutes... the rest of the time, we spent walking (power walking) to an eye clinic. Turns out Elder Curl´s prescription changed, and his contacts bother him. Then, we went and had lunch, since we wouldn´t be able to back, and to our surprise, President and Sister Souza were also at McDonalds. So we gave them the heads up on the appointments and then, headed on our way out. So I go to the foot doctor, and she took care of my ingrown toenail (the procedure REALLY hurt!) and I had to use sandals afterwards. I got a lot of strange looks after this day! Saturday, I had to go again to put on some medicine and change some bandages, so I went to the mission office to get a reimbursement, then Sunday, I was free to use shoes. Yay!

So this week, we spent most of the time we were able to teaching Jonaton and Lucas. They had their interviews on Friday night, which went really fast. Elder Galvez and Elder Queiroz came to do our interviews, so they just came and went. Saturday, we had to go to Fortaleza, and then come back and prep everything for Lucas´ baptism, and then actually have it! When we finished everything it was about 8:45, so we just SLEPT.

Sunday, we had church, and a sister that had served in Argentina gave a talk. Then, during the afternoon, we did the Baptismal service for Jonaton. He didn´t want a whole lot of people there, but I think about 10 people came to see the meeting. Bishop Danilo said something very cool though... he said ´´Even though we aren´t having a huge party here, you can be sure there is a huge party going on in heaven right now because of the choice you are making.´´ Thoughts like that are what reminds us of the spirit of our calling. Being a missionary sometimes is so routine, that we forget that it really is God who leads this work. We get so lost in the routine, we forget the joy we felt when we first came on the mission. 

Well, our week was hectic, but that was it in a nutshell. Now, we are going to just take it easy for today, and get back to it tomorrow!

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

At least this pair lasted for most of his mission!

The Easter package arrive the day before Easter! Yay! (Is it just me, or does he look like he had a rough day?)

I think this might be Jonaton and Lucas...but then who is in the next two pictures?

They weren't quite ready for this picture.

That's more like it!

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