Monday, April 29, 2013

Na pé do Castelão

Hello everybody! So this week was a little lackluster  because of a cold I got, as well as getting to know a new BIG area. In answer to Mom´s question, there is a poor part and a super rich part... but they are very divided... a lot of undeveloped space being used for new houses. We are also very close to the stadium that will be used for various Confederations Cup and World Cup games. They will start having big teams coming here the 15th of June... and there will be a Mexico Brazil match during the World Cup... so this area will be kind of crazy when the time comes.

So, we got to know  Vanuza and Naldo on Monday night (they would be members but are waiting for a divorce process to finish). They showed us around a little in their part, and we met Franklin and Lucicleide. We ended up marking their wedding on Friday, which also took a lot of time.

Tuesday, we got a call from an ex-investigator who wanted to receive the lessons again. We had already planned on finding him, since he was already in the area book. We talked a little with him and the discussion turned to how the Gospel can help in all aspects of life. Christ gave us the Gospel to apply his Atonement in our lives... so if we do what the scriptures and the prophets say, we can be happy!

The rest of the week, we tried to get a feel for the area. This first week, we already had lunch with the Bishop, Stake President and one of his counselors, so we pretty much know a lot of the people e need to. 

Sunday, my companion and I both spoke in sacrament meeting (a catastrophe occurred and yeah...) so Elder F. Silva spoke on the Scriptures, and I spoke about Preaching the Gospel through Service (continuing on the lesson during priesthood form Elder Holland’s talk about Peter). We pleased the leadership with well-thought out talks on short notice. That will be our biggest challenge here in Veneza. GETTING THE MEMBERS TO WORK WITH US! It’s a problem in the whole stake, but I think we can manage it with activities and other things to excite/activate people.

Well that was my week... so until next week!

Elder Cornwell

View out the apartment window towards the soccer stadium where several World Cup games will be played

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