Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nova Semana e Dor da Cabeça!

Hello everybody!

Well, first I´d just like to inform that the rules for email have changed (not the time we have) but now we can email Priesthood Leaders, Friends and new-converts during p-day... so yeah. Send me emails and save the dollar on stamps.

But I don´t have a whole lot to talk about this week... there wasn´t a whole ton that happened... and I have a huge headache right now!

WE spent most of our time focusing on Jonaton and Lucas preparing them for their baptisms this week. We taught them about the gospel, and much of the higher standards of the restored gospel.

WE started to teach an incomplete family that came to the stake conference last week as well. The husband is a less active brother of a good member friend of ours, and they will be moving back to this area, so we started to teach them in the home of Alice and Arimatéia (Note for Mike... Elder Lobos from Misssão Brasil Goiânia, 1998-2000); They have been giving a lot of help with our investigators, so it’s good to give back to them.

Sunday, I gave a talk about the restoration, using the parables of the lost sheep and Dracma from Luke. I compared the lost object to a lack of something, and how the Restoration compares to us finding a lost thing... and how we must rejoice and call all to rejoice with us.

Then today was a holiday, so we did a barbecue with some members at the church... maybe that is why I have such a huge headache! But this week was kind of lackluster. Next week will be much more eventful, without a doubt!

So that’s all... I hope to hear from you all soon (read: Samantha Sharpe!)!!!

Love, Elder Cornwell

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