Sunday, March 10, 2013

De volta à serra!

Hello everybody! Another quick week, but we worked a lot and were super busy!

Sadly, I don´t have a whole ton of time, but I´ll include the highlights of our week.

WE spent a good time this week working with Ronald and his family. His mother wants him to wait a little before being baptize, because she is from another church. We chatted with a little bit about the subject, and we led into a lesson about the apostasy and the Restoration. She, like most Brazilians, believes that it doesn´t matter what church we go to, because God will save his righteous. We talked about the restored church and the book of Mormon with her to help her see the differences.

WE also worked a good bit with some less actives, focusing on studying the book of Mormon. The people who did read and study see the differences that its making, the other people, still don´t know what they are missing!

on Friday, we went to Baturité to do Baptismal Interviews. I did the interviews at night, so in the meantime, we visited some investigators, and other people that I knew from my time there. I was happy to see that everybody remembered me! Even people I didn´t teach haha! The interviews I did were with a family that was the brother of Ancylia (the people who make salgados). I interviewed the wife first, and she was worried she wouldn´t be able to stay active (her daughter is less-active) but I completed the interview and assured her that baptism was the most important part for her to stay active. I also read a good number of scriptures to teach her what she needed to do to stay active (prayer, fast, scripture study). After, I talked with the husband, who was still unsure of some things, and I think he had missed some of the lessons, but he knew he should be baptized and has seen the growth in his family.

Sorry for the short letter, but I´m dealing with some computer problems here! But that was my week!

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

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