Monday, March 18, 2013

A Super Hectic week!

Hello everybody! News of visits to LA make me jealous, but I´m quite enjoying myself here (the weather is great!)!

So this week has been super hectic for us, but I´ll start right in on the main parts of the week.

So after transfers, I stayed with Elder Farias, from Rio Grande do Sul. We talked a lot about soccer, and we spent most of Monday and Tuesday in Novo Aldeota (Papicu). Tuesday night, we headed over to the Mission Office to pick up our new companions. We had to wait at the secretaries´ house for a while, and about 7:30 we headed over to the mission office. There were 26 missionaries... 15 elders and 11 sisters. A LOT of people. So I got my new companion, Elder Curl from Lehi, Utah. He isn´t from the new age group, but he came out before going to college (he headed out in December) and he spent one transfer in LA waiting for his visa to come in. So we headed off back home, and we slept almost instantly... we got back at about 9:30 and it had been a hectic day for us both!

Wednesday, we hit the ground running and started off with our study and training program. But the highlights of the week were three references we received. 

Lucas has been going to seminary a lot, and is decided that he will be baptized. So we taught about the restoration and Book of Mormon and he really liked it. The best part was that we taught everything in a member´s home, so that really helps us. The only problem with him was that he lives in another ward than the member lives in, but he accepted to start coming to the other ward in order to be baptized.

Jonaton also has been going to seminary, but we hadn´t actually gotten to know him yet. Saturday, we were able to teach him and his mother. They were both very interested, and we talked about the Book of Mormon with them. We marked Jonaton's baptism for this week, and we will try to bring his mother with him.

Moisés was the last one, who was a reference of Ronald. He is a co-worker of his, but he doesn´t go to any church, because he doesn´t feel they are right, but Ronald has been preparing him, sending text messages of scriptures of the Book of Mormon to him. So we taught him about the Restoration and he felt it to be true and something that would really help him follow Christ. Unfortunately, he had to work on Sunday and couldn´t come to stake conference.

Stake conference was pretty full, but we couldn´t really hear a lot because the sound system was kinda bad.

Well, that was my busy busy week!

Love, Elder Cornwell

P.S. Sorry if it´s short, but I am crushed for time again!
 Allison's note:
Here are some pictures Kyle sent today...but, as usual, he doesn't mention them so I don't know who or where they are.

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