Monday, February 4, 2013

Nova área!

Hello everybody! This will be a quick one, since we had a lot of interruptions in our week, plus we had transfers this week.

I´ll send something more detailed of my day to day next week, but this week, we spent a lot of time working with certain less-actives and their friends and family. Elder Feinman said goodbye, since he was in the area for about 6 months already. I was expecting to stay but... more on that later.

We had to help out the other elders a little bit because one of them had some lung problems (pneumonia I think) and he wasn´t able to walk a lot. On Saturday, we also did a service at an English school. I went from room to room and spoke English with some of the students there. It was a neat thing to do... it reminded me of when I was taking French and listening to a native speaker.

But come Sunday night, we received notice that we both would be going, which was a shock for me. I was really enjoying the area and we were starting to get a really good rhythm going with the ward.  Anyways, we got a ride to the stake center with our LMA (Allison's note: Ward Mission Leader??) this morning. So we had the transfer meeting and I was surprised when they announced ´´In Novo Horizonte 1 and 2, as District Leader, Elder Cornwell´´ I thought it wasn´t me, because President had announced the new District Leaders and hadn´t announced me. So when that happened, I was really confused. I´m still confused because I don´t really have any idea of my new responsibilities. But my new companion is Elder Rodolfo, with whom I was already living, but we are opening an area here in Maracanaú, a suburb of Fortaleza. I am not sure exactly of where we are at, but we got a ride with a member of the w(ard here right to the door of our house. We´ve got a bunch of work to do here, and I am already tired!

Well, that is my short letter, I´ll write more next week!

Elder Cornwell

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