Monday, February 25, 2013

Reprova a Prova de Respirar

Well, another fast week with more interruptions! Not a whole lot of not happened, but I´ll try to pass on something interesting.

So, Monday, we went to a family night in Ala 1, not too much of note.

Tuesday, we went and taught some references that were in the house. We went to a woman named Dani who had accepted the missionaries that came before us. We did a normal ´follow-up´ at first, and discovered that she didn´t know why the missionaries had stopped coming by. She already has a testimony that the church is true and everything! it is just a little difficult to get her to church. But we talked with her about her experiences and committed her to come to church and continue to read the book of Mormon. Afterwards, we went to try to find more people at home, but with little luck.

Wednesday, we had to head out early to go to a lung doctor in Fortaleza for Elder Rodolfo. H did a bunch of exams, and they didn´t find anything out of the ordinary... just some left-over junk from colds he has had. But we only left there at about 6 or 7. Killed the day.

Thursday was our Zone conference. A lot was talked about the content of our teaching, as in teaching all the doctrine of a lesson. This is already something I work on a lot, so it was just a reinforcement for me... no guilt trips this time! President also announced that the Mission would be split to Fortaleza and Fortaleza Leste (in other words, Fortaleza Ghetto and Fortaleza Rich). The split will occur on the 1st of July, and will only affect my last transfer... if it affects me at all. The mission will receive about 50 new missionaries in the next two transfers as well... 25 of which are sisters. As of late, we have 12,so some will train 3 or 4 at a time! Yikes!

Friday, we went to teach a brother of a member, but he wasn´t home, but we received two references that she had passed to the other missionaries, that they hadn´t contacted. WE visited some less-actives as well. At night, we met a friend of a less-active named Roberta. She is a long time friend of the Bishop´s family, and has gone to church when she was younger. We taught her about the restoration and the book of Mormon, and she was interested in coming back to church after a good time away. We also did the baptismal interview for Ronald who we have been teaching during the week. He needs his parent´s authorization, but other than that, he is prepared and knows EVERYTHNG! He asked us this week what the steeple on the chapel means... we had to ask the bishop to google the answer haha.

Saturday, we visited all the investigators we could, and answered questions, and made our normal follow-ups to help everyone go to church!

Sunday, we headed off to church like normal. Only Expedito and Ronald showed up, but it was a good meeting. Someone talked about how to build ourselves on Christ, using 3 Nephi 18 and the sacrament. Right after church, we gave a blessing of health to a member who had stayed home from church. Afterwards, we went to our lunch appointment, and then we visited all the less-actives and investigators that didn´t go to church. We tried to talk to Expedito, but he wasn´t home. We thought he would be at the Patriarch´s house, but he wasn´t there as well... we ended up eating tapioca and then headed off to pass our numbers to the ZL´s.

I plowed through the Isaiah chapters of 2 Nephi this week, and there was a phrase that appeared a good bit, that really tied in with my study of the atonement. ´´For all this his anger is not turned away, but his fhand is stretched out still.´´ This phrase appears a LOT in chapters 19 and around there. It shows that even though we do a lot of stupid stuff that God doesn’t like... we can still come back to Him through Christ.

well, that was my week! I love you all!

Elder Cornwell

P.S. I´ll send more pictures next week.

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  1. Hello people! I am from Brazil, Curitiba City, and i was called to serve in Fortaleza Mission. I will be Elder Bini. I am happy to know the news about someone who is serving there. Good work to Elder Cornwell