Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hello everybody! Well, this week didn´t have a lot going on for a good number of factors.

Monday, we went looking for people to talk to, but everybody was travelling for Carnaval, the next day.

Tuesday, we tried to find something to do, or someone to talk to, but the neighborhood was ABANDONED! We talked with a few less-actives in the area.

Wednesday, we went to our District Meeting in Fortaleza, and had our training on ´How to begin teaching´. We practiced a lot of summarizing what the message of the restoration has for the investigator. Afterwards, we went to Aldeota to the hospital because Elder Rodolfo has a pretty nasty cough and has had it for a looooooong time. We might have to go again this week. Anyways, we got home way late, only enough time to stop by an activity at the church.

Thursday, We managed to talk to Darwin again, and answered some questions he has about the mission. Afterwards, we talked to A recent convert and her family a little about what serving a mission is like as well as how she can prepare to serve a mission. Afterwards, we visited another less-active named Monica. Her mom is very active in the church and asked us to stop by and help her and other family members. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon, and other things that would help her progress.

Friday, we visited more less-actives, and at night, we talked with Ronald, who is a friend of the Bishop´s daughter. We had already talked a little but with him, and he has already been to church. We talked about the restoration, and he was very open to it. He has already noticed many differences to the church he was attending. He said he feels the Spirit stronger and he was impressed by the organization of the church. We explained the reasons for those two things, and he accepted a baptismal date.

Saturday, we ran around our area trying to talk with investigators and contacts, but we had little luck... we had more luck with less-actives, which are a lot more ready to come back to activity. WE also taught Ronald again about the Gospel and the Word of Wisdom. He was excited about the new things he is learning, and is looking forward to his baptism. We also got to know a friend of a member named Willian. He is 23 and he sells clothes from his home (kind of like a zumiez or pacsun from home) and he is a tattoo artist... side note... I met a tattoo artist without any tattoos! But we talked about what we do, and about the church. He is interested in visiting, but he was sick this week, so he wasn´t able to come.

Sunday. we faced torrential rains (the rainy season has arrived!) to go to church. Ronald and Expedito had already gotten there with members. I was freezing cold because of the rain, and the air conditioning on top of that. Afterwards, we had lunch with a counselor of the bishopric. The rest of the day, we talked with some less-actives again.

Well that was what we did this week. Most of my study was on the Book of Mormon, since I´m studying chapter 5 of Preach My Gospel. This week, In read a lot about how the Book of Mormon solves doubts and answers questions... both of investigators and our individual problems. I noticed that it talked a lot about principles of personal revelation... on one part, our searching for it, and the other, showing investigators how to receive answers through the scriptures and prayer. It was interesting to study.

Well..that was my week!

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

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