Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mais uma!

Hello everybody! We had a pretty productive week and it passed by fast (like always) but I´ll just sum up our week by people.

We visited Luiza, Pedro and Angela a few times this week to teach a few more things to them. Angela is lamenting the fact that she has to work most Sunday mornings, and can´t go to church with her children. Her situation is complicated, but I´m sure the Lord will figure something out for her be able to be baptized. She says her dream is to get up and bear her testimony on fast Sunday, but she is afraid that she will just cry! But we are helping her all that we can, and she is being pretty well befriended by the ward here.

On Sunday night after Luiza and Pedro´s baptism, we met a friend of a less-active that had attended the meeting, so during the week, we taught here a few times. Her family isn´t as supportive as most, but it seems like they are changing their view. Her biggest fear was that her family would say something about the Church and she wouldn´t be able to defend herself. I told her to remember any doubts or questions, and ask us, and she would be able to respond to her family. I even explained a little about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon that Sunday night, and she was able to talk to her family about it that week. We taught more in depth on those two subjects this week with her. She said that she intends to become a member of the church, when her situation with her family becomes easier. She said that when she was there at church, she didn´t want to leave, and when she did, she only wanted to go back there. We explained that this is the Holy Ghost showing her that this is really where God wants her to be.

We also spent a good bit of time trying to get a hold of many contacts. One of which, we couldn´t find his house the day we had marked, and he had waited for us. It took us about 30 minutes another day to actually find his house, and he was already leaving. 

We went to talk to a less-active, and as we left her house, a woman asked us where the church was in Montese. Turns out she is a member from Sobral, and she wants to return to activity and turn her life back on the right track. Sunday morning she was waiting for us on the corner to go to church with us. She is a member of 10 years already, but she turned less-active in Sobral, and she came to Fortaleza about 2 months ago, and her son was begging to back to church.

There is also another member, but this one from Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais. She had brought her husband with her to church last week, and again this week. We had originally marked to talk with them the past week, but it never managed to happen. We ended up giving a message on the restoration after the end of the Sacrament meeting. He commented how he felt very good at church and that he intends to become a member of the church and be as useful as us (indicating my companion, our Ward Mission Leader and I). They have to  return to Belo Horizonte tomorrow, but he has businesses here in Fortaleza (Rome as well) that will allow him to return at some point. I´m sad we won´t be able to help him on his path, but we referred them to where they should locate the church.

This week, I studied in Preach My Gospel about recognizing the spirit, and I´m working on an activity that there is in the chapter. It lists a good number of scriptures, each one highlighting another role of the spirit. I have been going through each scripture and writing down how I have felt the spirit influence me in that way, and how, as a missionary, I can help other people recognize the spirit in their lives. It has really helped me see how much the spirit affects from day to day and how I can only notice a lot of it at the end of the day. It is always a good activity at the end of a long day to look back and ´´Count your blessings´´!

Well, that was my week. I love you all!

Elder Cornwell

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