Monday, January 7, 2013

Serviço com sorriso! and Feliz Ano Novo!

Hello again everybody!

This week passed by pretty well, and was full of uplifting activities for us. The beginning of the week was a little slow, but the end of the week was AWESOME!

We started out the week with the New Year, and we went to the chapel for a new year´s eve party (we ended up leaving early, but nobody asked why!). We tried to take some investigators there, but none were able to... and all that we invited regretted not going! 

Tuesday, I did a division with Elder Galves, had lunch at home, and then we headed out. Just like all divisions, just about nothing worked out for us! At night we talked to Itamar and his family (Angela, his wife, and his kids, Luzia, Pedro and Rodrigo.) We taught them about the Book of Mormon, and they were all pretty interested in it. The kids of the family are pretty attached to it. They are an awesome family, and live just up our street. They have great potential in the church ahead of them.

Wednesday, we had our district meeting, and we practiced our first contacts with investigators. some of the practices were pretty interesting, but it is a little annoying when the newer elders don´t try to take the practice seriously. After lunch, only two of our appointments worked out for us. We visited Edna, and got to know her mother as well. We offered our service to help them move, which they graciously accepted. Service really does open opportunities to teach! At night, we talked with a man we had contacted the first week of the transfer. His name is Ivan, and he is a mechanical engineer (I have already commented to him how he reminds me of Dad). WE presented the message of the restoration to him, and he seemed touched by the message.

Thursday, we talked with Alexandre, the new convert, and his son a little bit. We helped him understand a little more of the atonement, and how we are forgiven of our sins only after we forgive ourselves. If we aren´t convinced we are different than our old selves, then we haven´t truly felt the changing effects of Christ´s atonement in our lives. It was something that was given to me in the moment, that was exactly what he needed. At night, we talked to Itamar again, and offered to help with some work he is doing for the family so he could go to church, and not worry about work.

Friday, We went and helped Itamar, and a good number of his extended family saw, talked with us and were impressed by us. They even asked him to take Sunday off so he COULD go to church. We even managed a few references from him that have great potential. At night, we talked with Ivan and his wife and daughter. He had questions about our life after death that were brought up by the message of the restoration. We were able to talk about our divine potential and the sealing power on earth. I had an insight that was very touching to me at the moment. I asked Ivan ´´If you lived with God, but not your family, would you really be happy?´´ to which he instantly responded no. That moment, we were able to build on his need and desire to have an eternal family.

Saturday was a pretty busy day as well. We contacted some references we had received as well as some contacts. We had three people in particular that showed a good deal of interest in our message. Vania, Eduardo and Paula. They all had a natural curiosity about the church and our message, and listened with an open heart. They weren´t able to go to church, but I know they are willing to go, and will be touched by the spirit.

Sunday was pretty busy for us. Our new ward Mission Leader was called. He is new to the ward, and it is his first time being Ward Mission Leader, although he has already been called to the bishopric and stake callings. We are excited to start the work together! His name is Marcos, and his family is already pretty dear to us. In our testimony meeting, I spoke about all the chances I had to serve so far in this ward, and how it has really made my love for this place grow. I talked about how I learned to serve with Dad when we were home teachers for Andrea McDonald. I remember how we helped her put a plastic covering on her windows to help hold the heat in, and how it was much easier to talk to her after that moment. So I guess that was my insight for this week, how service really opens doors for us and the spirit.

Well that is all for this week! Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

Short E-mail from last week:

Monday, December 31, 2012

Well... I had almost finished my letter, and the computer crashed, and didn´t save what I had written, but just saved the title of my letter. 

I´m almost out of time, So I´ll just have to share my insight for the week. During study, I was able to study a lot about conversion. I learned that we are converted, or in the process, when we feel the impressions of the spirit, and we follow them. I saw an example of someone becoming converted this week in our visits with new members. There is a woman who hadn´t been confirmed yet, that had decided she wouldn´t be able to go to church until the next week. We stopped by there plenty of times to talk top her and get her to come to church, but nothing came. On Saturday, we just talked to her a little at the door, and then she decided that she would go. She didn´t recognize what had happened, but I did. She heard a little whisper, or just had a little idea of the desire to go to church, and she decided to follow it. She heard and followed the spirit, and at church, she was able to receive the Holy Ghost and be confirmed. WE always have blessings when we do things like that.

At church, we also had a lunch for everybody in attendance which went very well, and we met a lot of new people, some in our area, others not. All in all, it was a good way to close the year. 

Well, sorry for the short letter, but I love you all!

Elder Cornwell

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