Monday, January 21, 2013


Hello again!

This week flew by pretty darn fast, and we had a lot of interruptions, but we still had a productive week.

We started the week off with a family night with a family that moved from Baturité and it was a pretty good time. Hilder gave a message about Jesus turning water into wine, but not just any wine... the BEST wine. That made me think a little about why that miracle was included in the Gospels. After all, it is simply Jesus converting simple water into something much more satisfying. My thoughts returned to the sacrament and I was able to understand more about that. Christ gave the sacrament so that he could provide a clean spirit for us to always be happy.

The rest of the week was kind of slow. We had to do a few divisions for our companions to resolve their IDs.

Most of our highlights came at the end of the week. We taught Pedro, Luiza and Angela about every day of the week to help them progress. WE taught the word of wisdom first off and Angela, the mother, said afterwards ´´I know this is true... I weighed 50 kg before I started smoking and drinking coffee... now look at me!´´ We bought cevada for them to drink in the morning instead of coffee. They were all very excited for Sunday, and when we would say the prayer, it was always a fight of who would offer. We did a baptism service with the Elders of Jardim America, so it was a full room, and a very good night. 

This Sunday, a recent convert that we work with a lot was sustained to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood, and we were all VERY happy. We are going to talk to him about the responsibilities and duties he will have as an Elder.

On Saturday, we visited a man named Waldecy who lives on our street. He has a hair salon, so sometimes it’s rough talking to him, but this time, there came three people who had a lot of curiosity about the church and our beliefs. We spent maybe 40 minutes just answering their questions. One of the last questions they asked was about Mary (Brazil is a VERY Catholic country if you didn’t already know). We responded that Mary is an exemplary person and is praiseworthy, but she cannot promise salvation, nor help our prayers.
I Timothy 2:5 For there is aone God, and one bmediator between God andmen, the man Christ Jesus;
Because only Christ paid for our sins, only he is capable of mediating for us, for only He is in perfect standing with God. The man who asked the question said that my response was the first positive thing he had heard of Mary coming from a non-catholic, and that he wants to attend a meeting to get to know more. That was one of the first things I learned in the mission, that we should never answer a question negatively, but testify of the Gospel truths highlighted in the question. Elder Holland taught that if we just listen, we will ALWAYS be able to bear our testimony of a principle of the Gospel. In turn our testimony will bring the spirit and reflect positively for the other person.

I liked the thought that Mom had that we must work to not obey wickedness. The Gospel of Christ is based on the principle of action. Faith is acting, Repentance is acting, Baptism is acting, receiving the Holy Ghost, we are to act upon that, and continue in such manner until we have finished our time on the earth. We must always look to do the right thing. WE cannot serve if we do not stop what we are doing and serve. It certainly isn´t easy, but we are better off afterwards.

Well, I don´t have much, but that was my week!

Love you all, Elder Cornwell

Pedro and Luiza and family

Pedro and Luiza and friends.

Baptism of Luiza - pictured with the Young Women of the ward.
Baptism of Pedro (and Luiza).

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