Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Você vai afogá-la!

Hello Everybody!

So this week flew by again, so this will probably be a quick one.

The hilights were few, but on Wednesday night, we did a millionaire-esque game for an integration activity. It went pretty well and there were a ton of people there at the activity.

Thursday, our day was super busy. I traded a pair of shorts for an original Fortaleza jersey at lunch, and afterwards, we passed by Gabriella and Verlanya with a member to help them get ready for Baptismal Interview. Afterwards we did a ton of contacts, but there wasn´t really anyone interested.

Friday, I did a division with Elder Nichols (from Federal Way) and we went to Sevilha and worked over there a little bit. Afterwards, we went to see the new Chapel in Genibaú which was super big and super awesome.

Saturday, we contacted a reference, whose sister had already been baptised and married. She seemed interested, but her mom interrupted a LOT. It was almost impossible to listen to the spirit, because she talked about the lineage of the papacy, as well as saying that we are the church, and we are saints, but also sinners. I hear a lot of stuff like that during the day haha.

Sunday was church, and that was normal, but we didn´t have water at the church. Turns out the spout thin was clogged, so the Stake President helped us out, and about 3 in the afternoon we went and cleaned a little and then filled up the font. Then we had the baptism! There was about 25 youth there for a choir thing, so they all stayed for the Baptism, so it made for an awesome service.

What are you going to make the Elders? Navajo Tacos and Brownies? haha In Montese, we got a lot of ice cream and brownies for dessert, and I always talked about how you would give the elders a HUGE brownie haha

And that was my week! I´m short on time, so this will be a quick one!


Allison's note: There was a problem with his ATM card. He had a transaction where money was debited from his account even though the bank canceled  transaction. Here is his comment:

There was an error on ALL international cards at the Bank of Brasil. Since the operation cancelled itself partway through, it didn´t give the option to print a receipt. The mission had the exact same problem, but with the cards for the allowance every 15 days. I think I mighgt have to call and resolve the problem, but this was a thing that happened in all of Brazil with missionaries, its just that they didn´t have more money that they could take out.  
Yikes! We were able to resolve it on our end though our bank...Kyle doesn't know it yet.

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