Monday, October 8, 2012

Aqui vem o sangue novo!

Hello everybody!

So I´ve personally named all of President Monson´s first address´ in conference ´´Revelation Time´´. I immediately assumed that when he said ´´we´´, he meant ´´Jesus Christ and I´´. Anyways, we are all super excited about the new missionary age (especially for sisters).

So, this week was pretty good... I got a cold and so I couldn´t go full steam, but that´s alright. Oh, right. I forgot to tell you all last week, but I was transferred to a new area(s). I am now working in Alas Conjunto Novo Ceará and Conjunto Ceará 3. My companion is Elder Moraes, from Brasília, but he lives in Goiás. So this week, we took time to get to know members and to work with less-actives.

So it was really awesome to teach this week, because we really went in depth about prophets for General Conference. I remember one lesson in particular, with a woman whose daughter is a member for 7 years already. We were just talking and conversing about what she had learned already (she a little closed off with our message, so we went very easily). Eventually, we invited her to General conference, but she said she couldn´t go because she would go to another church at that time. So I busted out an analogy and asked her, imagining she was in the time of Christ ´´Would you not go to hear Jesus, just because you were already a Jew?´´. Obviously she answered ´´NO´´ and so I asked why she would miss hearing the prophet just because of a different church. She said my analogy didn´t work because I compared just a man to the Son of God. I said that she didn´t know who ´that man´ was. I opened up in Amos 3:7 to show why it is necessary that we listen to the prophet. I told her that God always has something in store for us, but she would only know if she listened to the prophet. I then cited about how President Hinckley advised all the members of the church to get out of debt and get food storage in about 1999. I continued telling this story by reminding her what happened in 2003-2010 and the economy. I asked her what would have happened to people if they hadn´t prepared for that, and she thought about it. All in all, it was a great chance to grow my testimony of prophets.

That was the main highlight of our week besides General Conference. We got to know a bunch of the members, and I just got a feel for the area and what they needed there so I could get working as fast as possible.

Anyways, Conference this time around, for me, was themed about being a ´´True Disciple of Christ´´. I learned that we need to do all we can through acts of service, diligence, obedience to the commandments and so forth to show our love of Christ, and to prove that we are truly his friends. So I got to thinking about how I could be a true disciple of Christ, and someone had commented about Peter´s work in the Acts. I also remembered about Acts 4 that Brother Porter passed to me the day before I left for the mission. He put on a little sticky note ´´Alma 34 - Prayer of Love´´ and ´´Acts 4 - Peter´s Boldness´´ both of which apply well in being a disciple of Christ. I decided I need to be more like Peter and let nothing come between me and my sacred service, even my fears. I need to a bold witness of Christ in all places, all times and all things. That is how I am going to be a true disciple of Christ.

The most important part of our work as missionaries is the invite to action, and so to all of you who are reading this letter, reflect on your life and your actions, and think of how you can be the best disciple of Christ possible. You can do whatever you want to remember what you come up with, but I challenge you all to do all you can to show your love for Christ in all times, places and things.

This is my letter this week... so until next week!

Elder Cornwell

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