Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book of Mormon on My Mind

Hello everybody! So this week just flew by again... I´ll see if I can remember what good happened!

Monday, we headed to the center so I could get my package. We ended up walking about 40 minutes to get to the post office (I had no idea where it was before hand). On our way back, we took a taxi so we could get the train back home in time... which was PACKED. Monday night, we went to a family night/missionary leaving party. We were asked to bear our testimonies, and a lot of other people bore their testimonies, it was a pretty good farewell.

Tuesday, we went to our District Meeting like normal, and afterwards we tried to talk to a less-active, but he wasn´t home. We stopped by quickly with another investigator just to see how she was doing. She had to fix some stuff for her work, so we ended up just chatting with her and occupying her kids while she was working. Then at night, we closed a baptismal date with Gabriella and Verlanya.

Wednesday, we only managed to talk with a young kid who has already gone to church a lot. He says his mother won´t let him get baptised yet because she thinks he won´t stay in the church. So we made goals with him to pray, read the book of Mormon and go to church to show his mom that he would stay strong (those three things are the secret to success!)

Thursday, we had a good appointment in the morning. It was a reference we had gotten from the Bishop earlier in the week. We chatted with Lenaine for a while when her husband was occupied (he makes salgados) and she talked a lot about her families and her hopes about her family. We ended up leaving a message of the plan of salvation talking about why there are temptations and families after this life. After lunch, we talked with Clécia and she said she didn´t want to read the Book of Mormon anymore. She explained to us a similar situation that I had already seen in that show ´´The District´´. We marked an appointment with her to come back and just talk to her and see what had happened. Afterwards, we got on the same page with a sister so she would be able to baptized.

Friday, just about everything fell through, but we talked with a young man who is just a bit lost, but he wanted us to stop by his house and get to know his family.

Saturday, we started out by passing by this young man´s house and he ended up going out to do visits with us. He showed us a bunch of less-actives and we were able to make some connections there. But the young man really enjoyed it, and is starting to get some ideas straight. My companion didn´t really have a lot of patience with him, but then again, no one in these wards really have, which is all he actually needs. He kept on asking why I had so much faith in him, to which I could only respond ´´I can see what you could be, not what you are.´´ We stopped by Jonas to help him with his talk, by giving him some scriptures to do his talk.

Sunday, Church was very good. Jonas´ talk in CNC was very well done, and he impressed everyone. He is very excited to get ready to go on a mission! After church, we helped a member of the bishopric of CC3 prepare flyers for the Halloween activity we are going to do at the end of the month (everyone is excited about it!).

So I read plenty of the Book of Mormon this week, and I perceived something interesting. I always remembered that the book contains the fulness of the Gospel, but I never understood to what extent. I noticed that the plates of Nephi are great talks of the gospel, but from Mosiah until the end of the book goes step by step through the parts of the gospel and shows how the Nephites went through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the holy ghost and enduring until the end. That gave me a new light on the importance of the book of Mormon, that I really liked.

Well, that was my week. Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

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