Monday, October 15, 2012

Fast Week

Well this week flew by! We had some interesting moments (like when there came a new fridge and four mattresses for us, when we already HAVE a fridge and 6 mattresses) but oh well!

So, Tuesday, we contacted a reference we had gotten and taught a good lesson of the restoration. The reference, Clécia, is looking for a church where she really feels good (a.k.a. the Spirit.) and we are helping her find this church! One of her sons (about five years old) wanted his mother´s pamphlet, so I gave him one of the Plan of Salvation instead, and everytime we pass by, he yells ´´Hey! You gave me the little book!´´ hahaha. The other part of the day is that we closed a baptismal date with Gabriella and Verlanya (who went to conference and LOVED it). After conference, they no longer felt the desire to participate in this other church they were doing activities in. So we had set the date, and passed by about every day this week to help them get everything set... but more on that later.

Wednesday was a bit slower. We visited a less-active member (who I now consider active) Jonas, and left a message with him to help him get the courage to come back to church. The rest of the day, we tried to talk to less-actives and do contacts.

Thursday, we filled out the baptism papers with Gabriella and Verlanya and had them work with their parents to approve the baptism (Verlanya wanted to wait because she will be turning 18 next month, but we explained that baptism really isn´t a thing to put off until next month). Then that night, we went to Clécia again, and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (we had already left a Book of Mormon for her... she had a bunch of questions about it). She told us that she had prayed and had a dream that she was at our Church in a skirt. She didn´t see it as an answer to her prayer, but she said it was weird, because she doesn´t wear skirts, let alone own a skirt hahaha! 

Friday was a holiday, so we tried to get stuff done, but no one was home, or wanted to talk to us.

Saturday was a really busy day. We left early to talk to an old investigator, and then headed off to lunch. After lunch, we headed out to visit all of our investigators and contact some contacts we had made and so forth. WE contacted a reference from a member of a man named Adolfo. He said he had interest in our message just because of the way a member had talked to him about the church in a normal conversation. He said he didn´t like how churches are all about the money now. We got to leave a message of a humble boy, who was just seeking God wherever he was, and only desiring his salvation, and not money. At night, we had marked the baptismal interview for the two girls, but their parents wanted them to wait a little bit (in all reality, one of them is holding baptism over their daughter´s head as a reason to do anything she says without complaining.) So they won´t be baptised this week, but they will next week.

Then, this week was fast and testimony meeting here. In Conjunto Ceará 3, I bore my testimony about how the church is the same wherever we go. I said that my first meeting, I didn´t understand a lot, but I felt the same as I did at home. In Conjunto Novo Ceará. there is a member heading off to a mission in Colombia on Wednesday, so there was a lot of ´´Two years is such a long time, but you will do so great ´sobs´´´ and so forth from his friends and family.

Today, we are headed off to the center to pick up my package, and get some other things... what those are, I don´t know yet, but we will get them!

So that was my week! Love you all!

Oh! and tell Trent and Cassie that their letter is written, but I just need to buy envelopes and send it to them haha!

Elder Cornwell

I asked some questions and Kyle answered them:

1.       Did you receive the package yet? It is in Fortaleza and the status online is still the same: Aguardando retirada. Yes... and about that, It was held back at Correios, and I will have to pay about R$180 (about $88 US Dollars!!!!) to take it out, which I´m going to do today at about 3 or 4 our time.

2.       Are you senior companion with Elder Moraes? Yes... he is the fourth in a row that I get out of his training.

3.       Where geographically are you? What is your house address? We are on the northwest part of Fortaleza, close to Caucaia (which is a municipal of Fortaleza) R. Quinhentos E Quarenta e Umb, Fortaleza - Ceará

4.       How are your shoes holding up? They are still surviving...the insoles of one of them got used up pretty well already, so I´m going to try to buy some new insoles later.

5.       Do you do lots of walking in this area? Yeah! We cover two wards that covers a good part of conjunto Ceará.

6.       Are you having more opportunities to teach in this new area? Yeah, we have two wards, and  lot bigger area, so it is a lot easier to get out and teach.

7.       Did you get along with Elder Nelson…why were you transferred so soon? I got a long pretty well with him. I think we were both put there just as a transition of Elders, and then he stayed and I left.

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