Monday, May 28, 2012

Fora da casa!

Hello everybody!

So this week I spent a LOT of time out of the area for one reason or another... most of which having to do with a meeting with Elder Godoy of the Seventy. I spent most of the time with the LZ's in their area, so it was all good.

Monday, we hurried out to Fortaleza and we stayed with Elder Mosca and Elder Landskrun in Parangaba/Joqui. We spent the night there and had a good time.

Tuesday, we had district meeting there in the chapel, and then lunch in Parangaba. Afterwards, Elder Mosca and I went out and worked in Joqui. We made contacted three or four references there, one of which was a pastor for the Assembly of God. He is really busy with work and the church, so even if he stopped and listened to our message, it would be very difficult to follow. Afterwards, we made a few quick visits to some of his investigators along with the Stake Patriarch. It was neat to get to know him (the second here on the mission). Afterwards, we headed back to their house.

Wednesday was the meeting with Elder Godoy. The whole mission was there, so I got to see a lot of the Elders from my group (Elder Heath, Empey, Swinney) it was really neat. Elder Godoy talked about things that trap our work into something ineffective. It was a lot about what happens and what should happen. Like if you're out of the house 10 hours a day, but getting 2 lessons, you aren't doing something right, as well as the fact that baptism does not mean that someone has been converted to the gospel. He helped us realize this misconception and gave tools of evaluation to correct these things. After that, we headed home and got back around 8 or 9.

Thursday, the LZ’s came and worked with us, this time I was with Elder Landskrun. So we went out with five ex investigators we were going to contact. The first one was a family that loved the church, and lived close to the old branch president, but had troubles getting officially married, so they stopped going to church. They were ready to try for it again, and were really happy to see us. We promised them there was a way to get it all sorted out and that they could receive the fulness of the gospel in the near future. Afterwards, we searched for another family and it turned out they moved. So we ended up doing a bunch of contacts with neighbors looking for them, and then we found them! WE knocked the door and she invited us in. We sat down and she looked at us and asked... "How did you guys find me?!?". She ended up moving and the missionaries didn’t know where she went. She was really happy to see us, and she like the church as well, but for some reason or another, she stopped going to church. Afterwards, we met with members and taught lessons, and then headed home.

Friday the LZ’s went home and we taught a bunch of lessons and made new investigators. We got the call for transfers and I was to stay, and Elder Rodrigues to go.

Saturday we worked to sort things out with the new house and Elder Rodrigues packed at night.

Sunday, we had church and afterwards, we did some visits with the stake and branch presidents with less actives. Then we came home and visited some other people, then headed home.

Today, we went to transfers (I only went to the terminal). I met up with Elder Leal, my new companion and we headed on our way. He is 19 and from Sao Paulo. He is from the same group as Elder Rodrigues and was serving in Juazeiro. So now we are together! I am short on time, so I will say more the next letter.

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

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