Monday, June 4, 2012

Mais uma carta rapidinha!

So I´m short on time here because they guy whose lan house we go to has to go to Fortaleza shortly, so this will be a quick one!

The majority of this week was spent moving or preparing to move, which was a pain in the neck, but it’s all taken care of now!

I´m going to skip forward to the days where we really did stuff.

Friday, we had lunch with Branco and Ancylia and headed up to Putiu to visit some less actives. There was a lot of walking so that took up a lot of time. We talked with a young man, about 17 years old who hasn´t gone to church for about 2 months. It turns out he always went because his friends went, but someone stopped going and then everyone just stopped completely. So we talked with home about church and faith and the Book of Mormon. It turned out that he hadn´t even opened the Book of Mormon. When he said that my companion said ´´and that is why you never had a true testimony. This is the proof!´´ and how true it is! After that we visited a family of Ronaldo, who had just gotten back from a surgery in his leg. Good timing on our part, because we were there visiting him as soon as he got home! Afterwards we passed in with some of our investigators and that was our day.

Saturday was WAY busy. We taught 10 lessons that day! Most were with investigators and we went by plenty of less actives too, but I´m just going to skip to the highlight. So just about our last lesson, we went to Marcos´ house. His wife died about a month ago and we visited him last Sunday with the stake and branch presidents. This time his daughter, Raquel, was there to listen to the message too. We left the message of the restoration with him (specifically the restoration of priesthood power and the sealing power, yay temples!) and it was a really strong and powerful lesson. I left with a testimony of the gospel stronger than when I entered. So we left the message and I was going to talk with Raquel about why she had stopped going to church, but I felt that I should just leave with message we taught. So we headed on our way. 

Sunday we go to church to prepare things and then church started. Marcos didn´t come for some reason, but Raquel was there. It was fast and testimony meeting, so it’s always a good thing. The meeting is about to finish and Raquel gets up and bears her testimony that she knows the church is true. She finished by saying something like this. ´´Last night, I received a visit from the Elders who talked with us as a family. The left a message so strong and I felt something so powerful that I knew for a fact that the church was true, and that I will never distance myself from the church again.´´ Wow... talk about a humbling experience. I leaned over to my companion and whispered to him ´´Just as good as a baptism to me.´´ The rest of the day was just a normal Sunday, but a day that I will never forget the rest of my life.

Then today, we went up to the Nossa Senhora de Fatima again, and headed up even further to the Jesuita Apostolic School. It was a really neat old monetary and we took tons of way cool pictures. It’s the kind of thing Mom and Dad would love! That was about 3 or 4 hours of our day well spent. 

So I´m really pressed for time now, but I love you all! The church is true and be nice to the missionaries!

Love, Elder Cornwell

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