Monday, July 8, 2013


Hello everybody!

So another super fast week... I don´t know where it went! I´ll probably just stick to the highlights though, because a lot happened!

On Thursday, we had our meeting with Pres. Fusco and his family. He is very good humored, but has his priorities straight. He is very young and abandoned a very successful business to come serve a mission. It´ll be a great five weeks with him!

We also talked again with Jonas this week at the church. He wants to know that what he is doing is what he wants, and we talked about the importance of prayer and reading the Book of Mormon to help us want to the things God wants us to do.

We taught Vanez more this week, and talked a lot about the same things. Reading the Book of Mormon and praying. We even invited him to pray asking if he should be baptized. He told us on Sunday that he had prayed and he knew that he needed to be baptized and poof! All of his previous doubts were gone. Nothing will stop him now from being baptized! So we are all marked for this week.

De Assis and Cintia finally made it to church this week (no one was sick) and the process of marriage will be over next week. This week, we will go with them to the center to sign some papers. But on Sunday, their son, Daniel said he liked it so much, he didn´t want to leave when it was over. So next week will be the marraige and baptism, and the ward is SUPER excited for the next two weeks.

We contacted a family this week, Marcelo and Irací. Iraci had already come to church, and felt very good there. So we went and taught about the Restoration. After, Marcelo said he wasn´t very strong about religion or God, but said that our message really helped him have more faith. Believing in the restoration of Prophets, apostles and Priesthood really do help us believe that God is alive, and more active than ever.

So today is the start of my last transfer, and I have a new companion... Elder Afonso from Espírito Santo. So we´ve only got work to do the next few weeks. The Lord´s work will alw2ays go forward... and we can always help, never hinder.

Elder Cornwell

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