Monday, July 15, 2013

Nova semana!

Hello everybody! Well, once again, another week has passed, and I don´t know where it went!

We started out with a family night with De Assis, Cintian and Vanez at a member´s house. That is most of what our week was. We passed by about everyday to help them with any doubts and to prepare for their baptism.

We also talked to Jonas a little bit more. We kept on talking about the importance of prayer to help him feel ready for baptism. Yara as well, but she doesn´t really want anything to do with baptism.

Throughout the whole week we had the hardest time getting in and talking to new investigators. It was horrible! But we had good things to focus on as well. On Saturday, we had Vanez´s baptism, and he was confirmed on Sunday. He was super happy, and his decision to be baptized came very quickly from a prayer (are you getting the theme this week?). De Assis and Cintia also pray a lot to have help to be baptized. We are going to review everything with them this week to help out with confidence. Their wedding will be on the 19th, and their baptism is marked for Saturday. The ward is excited to help us and they will be very welcomed in Castelo.

Well.. it's a short letter, but that was what we did this week. Most of my study was about how to help people keep commitments. In essence, we need to be direct, invite, promise and support in everything. We can´t give too much information, leave them on their own, or give any doubt in our work. If we have any doubts about our work, then we need to clear them up right now!

So that was my week. Until next time!

Elder Cornwell

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