Monday, July 29, 2013


Hello everybody! So this week was kind of uneventful, I got a cold on Tuesday, and felt terrible on Wednesday, and Elder Afonso didn´t feel very good this week.

So Tuesday, I didn´t feel good in the afternoon, and took some cold medicine, and I felt good enough to leave at about 4, so we talked to Yara, and with Marcel and Irací. Marcel is starting to work a lot, so its hard for him to come to church on Sunday morning.

Wednesday, I was worse than Tuesday, but we had a meeting with Elder Godoy. He talked a lot about us being balanced missionaries, or Missionaries who are spiritual and know how to work smart. After Lunch, we headed home, and I was just feeling awful.

Thursday I felt much better, and I did a division with Elder Caceres in Palmeiras. The afternoons are good for him there, but at night it is hard to talk to people. But we talked to a lady who wants to be baptized, but not get married. WE talked about having to make the right choices and hope for the blessings. We also encouraged her to take her husband with her to church so he too could participate.

Friday, Elder Afonso was sick, but we managed to get out at night and talk with De assis and Cintia, and then we went to a farewell for a member who is leaving for his mission on Wednesday. We left a message, and I used D&C 42:6 to say that the mission isn´t convincing someone to use something, but it is a message of salvation, that is why we will go in the power of God.

Saturday, Elder Afonso still wasn´t feeling good, but we got out in the afternoon and tried to round up everybody for Sunday.

Sunday, we had church, and we went and taught the family   of a ward missionary. Actually, his aunt and some cousins who just moved from Maranhão. They were more interested in talking to each other, so we just marked another day to go by.

And that was my week! Not much to note. I hope next week will be better !

Elder Cornwell

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