Monday, May 13, 2013

Not Much to Say

Well, hello again! So there isn´t a whole lot to say this week... I guess the phone call killed my appetite for writing a big letter!

There were only a few highlights this week, since Elder F Silva got sick during the week, but let’s see what we got!

So we never managed to talk to Tarcio this week... it seems like we played a sort of hide and seek, and we never managed to meet with him. but come Sunday, he came to church, shook our hands and said ´´it took a little while, but I did say I would come!´´ We´ll see how the visit was for him on Tuesday.

We tried to talk to Nonata every day this week, but every day she had something she had to take care of and always asked us to come back the next day. But the first time, we offered our help for anything, and we ended up dropping off/picking something up at her sister´s house. We took advantage of the opportunity to mark an appointment to leave a message. The mother is super catholic, which seems to force her daughter to be as well, but her son doesn´t go to church, so we are more than welcomed in her home. Service really does give us more opportunities to teach!

We also taught Franklin and his family how to do a family night, and we took Marcio and Marcilio to seminary and the soccer game at night. We are going to go and ´sign´ their wedding this week, and the wedding will happen the next week.

As for highlights, that was about it! So... hope you all had a happy mother´s day, and to Drew, happy birthday on Saturday (I´ll buy some C-clamps for you when I get home!)

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

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