Monday, March 5, 2012

MY super eventful fantastical week!

Hello everybody!

So today is the start of the last week of this transfer. We´ll find out on Friday what our fate is for the next six weeks.

This week though. This week was, as I would say, mais ou menos. Just about everything fell through, and we didn´t get a lot of teaching in... which I hate to happen.

Last P-day, we ended up playing Volleyball at the church for a while, then we headed home, got ready, and went to a Family Home Evening of the ward.

The next day, we had district meeting in the morning, then headed back and head lunch with Jane, one of our investigators. She babysits for members, so she made lunch for us. We stayed a little more after and talked with her a little bit more. After that, we talked with Gerlane to get him ready for a baptismal interview the next day. After we taught two other families and called it a day. Gosh it seems like it was so long ago, I can´t remember anything!

Wednesday, we had the other Elder´s come into our area and do Baptismal interviews for us. That took up a big chunk of the day. Afterwards, we stopped by a members house for a birthday party of the Bishop´s Wife. We only stayed for little bit, then headed back home.

Thursday, Elders Johnny and Batista went to Fortaleza for a leadership meeting, so Elder Smith and I did our thing. We had lunch in my area, then went to Horizonte (about 10 km away) and we taught two lessons there. WE taught one to a 16 year old girl about the Book of Mormon, but from what I noticed, she is already ready for Baptism. She has an answer to her prayer, and she is pretty excited about it. Then we taught a family about the Book of Mormon. It was a really good lesson. We had the mom, dad, 3 kids and a teen aged grandkid there listening, so we felt like the missionaries at the beginning of the Church teaching about the Restored Gospel. It was a powerful experience for me.

Friday, we did an interview for the other Elders and then went back to our area and ran into a RM who got back on Wednesday. He was talking to some friends, so we got some references, then he offered us some water at his house, so we went, and chatted with him a bit. Then we headed out and tried to talk to a woman who had dropped into one of our lessons. When we knocked on the door, an old lady came to the door and she was already done with us at that point. We asked if we could talk to her daughter and she said ´´No! She goes to my church. She´s not interested in yours!´´ I just chuckled to myself as she shut the door. Luckily, there were some neighbors next door outside. The guy started to laugh and we started talking with them. My companion asked if they went to the same church. They both laughed and said ´´thank goodness no!´´. We talked with hem for a while, and the whole time that old lady kept on poking her head through the door. After about 15 minutes she said to us (through the door) ´´She´ll talk to you!´´. I got a kick out of that too. So after a while, she came out, we set n appointment (after she apologized for her ´crazy mom´ her words). Then we headed back home.

Saturday, we left early for an appointment in the morning that fell through. We had lunch with a member, that wasn´t scheduled, she just made food and made us eat haha. Then we went to the one lady´s house again, but that fell through too. So we went back and got the church ready for the baptisms that night. We baptised Jane and the other Elders baptised an investigator of theirs. It was well attended and went great. I baptised Jane and I was really grateful for the opportunity.

Sunday, we had the usual Lunch, rounding up investigators and then church. After that, we came back home and just did the usual.

Today is just as usual. Wake up, eat, email, and that's where we are now! We are going to watch Megamind today, and then probably eat feijoada.

Anyways, that was my week.

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

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