Monday, March 19, 2012

Minha Semana Corrida!

Hello everybody!

So this week was half bleh and half ugggggggggggh. That groan is good though! So we finished up transfers and headed out on Monday night to talk with some members since we had nothing marked for that night. Elder Francis was not excited for the next six weeks because he timed a 20 minute walk into our area... than another 20 minutes to the member´s house. He actually served 1 year in Nebraska (Spanish speaking) waiting for his visa, then he came here! But I really like working with him, we have been getting along really well already and our teaching (meaning my teaching) has come together really well.

SO; The first half of the week we got maybe 2 or 3 lessons. EVERYTHING fell. Our investigators that are always home weren´t home, we didn´t have any references, we didnt have anything to do. Sufficeth to say, we walked plenty this week. That was pretty much our week until about wednesday or thursday... I forget, I´m not with my planner right now.

So we get back one night and crack open the area book (which hasn´t been touched in about a year and a half) and then pull out everything with an address, and then filled out sheets for our investigators. The next day we went out with about 15 or 20 names and addresses and just went gung-ho. We got 9 lessons in that day. Most of the people had moved, but the others were excited to see us again. For most of them it had been 4 years since missionaries had passed by. We also passed by Roberto and showed him the restoration DVD which he just loved! He told his wife you goes to an Evangelical church all about it; He really likes what we have talked about to him, but he hasn´t been able to make it to church since he drives his wife and daughter to the center for church on sundays sometimes. But we saw his copy of the Book of Mormon and he was about halfway through it! We were both impressed.

Saturday, we did an inte3rview for the sisters in Aracati. We had to get there at 11, so we had to take a topeki at 7:30 to get there in time.... at 9 o'clock. We just wandered the shopping around the terminal and came back at 11 tro the terminal. We finished up there at 1 and waited another hour for the bus back to Pacajus. Then we taught a 12 year old sister of a member, but she doesn´t want to leave her comfort zone and go to church, so there isn´t much we can do there. After we tried to make a contact with someone who asked the bishop at his work if we could come and teach him. He had gone to Fortaleza though, so he wasn´t available, but we are excited to go by there soon.

Sunday was crazy too. We went out early to teach a family, but they didn't want us to come because a bunch of family came unexpectedly and were drinking there. So we talked with some members until lunch, and then went off to talk with the mom of an investigator. After that, we just wandered until Church. We had 3 people there, 2 of which are teenaged boys who are already going to activities and seminary, one of which will be baptized this week. After that, we headed back.

Then today we had lunch and played uno with some members (ALL of us, two of the members were people Elder Rocha baptised here), Then we came and emailed. That was my week! I don't remember a whole ton of details really, but it was good overall. I am definitely really tired though... like REALLY tired. So I'm gonna go head off and take a nap here soon.

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

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