Monday, December 12, 2011

It's a Little Hot Out Here

Hello everybody!

So I just have to relate this funny experience really quick. Yesterday, we were walking to church with an investigator and I saw something climbing on the power lines and I thought "that's funny, a squirrel!" I looked closely and I realised it was a small lemur type animal. I pointed it out and our investigator Aline said "Sagui!" (Allison’s note: Google Translate says, “Lemur”) No clue what it really was still haha.

As for this week, we had a mission goal to talk to 70 men on the street. It’s difficult for us because we have the main avenue in our area which is church, bar, church, bar, church.... sio we had to talk to people in the streets with whoever we could find. We ended up talking to 75 people and got the addresses of about 20 who really seemed interested. WE always love to have enough people to teach. We're supposed to be teaching about 16 people every week.

Elder Baltazar and I were talking about the growth of our ward since we got here earlier this week and we realized we really are just answers to the prayers of someone. We just worked the hardest we could and the growth came, really through none of our efforts. A few inactives have started coming back to church and we have baptised some people, but our role in it has been really small. Just a reminder to everyone in the ward how important the members and their prayers and faith are.

On Tuesday, we had district meeting, came back and taught a few lessons, and that was basically our day. We just did the usual.

Wednesday was more eventful. We taught 2 or 3 people about the book of Mormon and then at night we had the baptism of Dayanne. She asked me to baptize her, so I had that great opportunity. Aline was also at that so she got to see what it’s like. Dayanne was super excited about it. The whole time after she was smiling laughing, she was just happier. That was the same thing I noticed with Junior, he was just happier overall.

The next day was pretty uneventful... we had to make the trek to the Mission Office in Aldeota to drop off the water bill, so that pretty much burnt our day until 7. We stopped by Dayanne's house and she said she had a fantastic day and just didn't know why (we knew why).

Friday, we taught a household of one inactive member and two other nonmembers and invited them to church, but the guy had a hard time understanding me (only him, everyone else got along just fine haha). After lunch, we taught these teenagers we met in the street and their parents were just kind of listening in to what we were teaching. After we finished the father invited us to eat a quick dinner with them and they asked questions about what a mission is and what we do. The mother loved the idea (I think for her son ;) ) and the father was really interested in our dedication. They were out of town this Sunday, but we invited them to church the next week. We also taught the husband of a formerly inactive lady. She started coming back to church in full stride. She started up a family night for her family, got on the lunch calendar and asked us to teach her husband. This all happened just after we stopped by and visited with her for a bit. Sometimes it only takes a little of that feeling of the spirit to want to come back.

Saturday we really didn’t do anything spectacular. We went to another formerly inactive members house because it was the daughter's fifth birthday. They are just a pleasant family and we love to stop by and just share our spirit with them. Most of their friends are in the church too so they have great support there.

Sunday, we went to an investigators house to go to church and she said she wasn't sure she wanted to continue the discussions. She said she felt the desire to go back to her old church. We asked some questions and came to the conclusion that she was missing that spirit from her life. We found out she hadn't been giving her all to find the truth, but we just simply invited her to church and if she still didn't have the desire, we would respect that. IT was really perfect because we had the Confirmation of Dayanne and then it was fast and testimony meeting. It was a great meeting block and our investigator really enjoyed it. We took her back to her house (which is far away. Good thing the SS lesson was on sacrifice!). She offered us some chocolates and she said, "Thank you for not giving up on me." I was really touched because we are just doing what we should be doing and it made that much of a difference to her. She said we could come back tomorrow, so I think the Spirit did its part.

After that we went home and finished our week, and planned how we were going to help some specific people throughout the week, and that was what I did!

All in all it was a great week... it went fast but I enjoyed it. I don't have anything else to add, so with that I will close! I love you all!

Elder Cornwell

PS Another Photo from Elder Heath's blog:

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