Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Hello Everybody!

So we had a pretty full week, and it passed by super fast, like always.

Monday, we went to the Center because I was needing a new backpack, that was smaller. We got that taken care of, but the Center was just absolutely nuts... there were so many people there! Afterwards, we went to a family night.

Tuesday, we went after a bunch of investigators, but we found hardly anyone in home. We did manage to talk to Osmarina and Karine though.

Wednesday, we had district meeting, where there was a training by the Zone Leaders. We talked about what we could do to make district meetings better, and talked about the problems and solutions. Afterwards, I went on a division with Elder Wadsworth in Novo Metropole. We spent the whole day trying to talk with contacts, and some other appointments marked. It was a pretty good day of work for us, and we had a pretty good time. At night, we even had a dinner of Barbeque with Baião and Farofa... I´ll make it for you all one of these days haha.

Thursday, we undid our division, and we visited Geneuza to finish up the bureaucratic part of her baptism. We also talked with Junior and a friend of his again.

Friday, we had our Mission Christmas Party which was pretty fun. They did a talent show, and I played a song on the guitar, which everybody seemed to like (people came and talked to me about it at transfers today). Then we had lunch, and watched the Christmas Devotional. I liked the talk about Receiving Gifts and how we can better show our gratitude. I thought it a good thing that applies to us and our relations with other people. Afterwards, we talked with Geneuza one more time to see how her wedding had gone that day (they just went into the city office and signed a paper). Then we visited Eliomar and Julianna, along with Julianna´s sister, Juliete and one of their neighbors. We just talked for a bit and answered questions.

Saturday, I did a division with Elder Nichols and we worked for a bit in his area, as well as lunch. WE taught the first lesson about three times, which is always awesome. With each person, it is cool to see how the lesson changes, and what new insights I learn about the restoration as I teach it.

Sunday, we headed off to church early in the morning, and some members of CNC brought a friend with them to get to know the church. We talked with her and a lot of other people to arrange things for the next week. Afterwards, we waited at the church for a bit, and headed to lunch with the Bishop. After lunch, we tried to visit people, but it wasn´t easy to find anyone home. At night, we got the word of transfer that I would be leaving the area. Eliomar and Julianna were sad to see me go (Julianna almost cried... foi, não foi Julianna?). We took a few pictures and I got their address for future use. Of all the people I met in this area, they were the ones that I felt most connected with, and I was glad to have helped them enter into the church even more.

Today, we headed off with Allison, who is getting ready for his mission, to transfers. He watched the transfer meeting with us. I came back to Zona Montese, and Now I am in Benfica with Elder Feinman, from the state of São Paulo, mission Ribeirão Preto. We had lunch with the Mom of the missionaries already, and I think we already have some appointments tonight. It should be good!

So just to share a little insight, I had studied about the Light of Christ in Preach My Gospel, and I had noted how the light of Christ, if we listen to it, will lead us to receive the Holy Ghost, which will help us live the fulness of the Gospel. I realized of the preparatory state of almost everything that we have on this earth. That if we receive one thing, we are prepared for another. If we do not receive, or do not listen to that one thing, we forfeit our chances for progression. Just a thought I had this week.

Well, I am out of time, so I´ll close my letter with that.

Elder Cornwell

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