Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Room With a View

Alright, this has been one of the CRAZIEST weeks of my life. So much went on, it feels like it has been a month! So far the food has been good, but I am getting tired of the breakfast already (not a good sign!)

For Uncle Clark and Brother van Katwjik, the São Paulo Temple ONLY has Brazilian Mahogany... but you can´t harvest it anymore, which is a shame! That temple is waaaaaaaaaay pretty, it definitely stands out in São Paulo.

So, the flights were looooooong but we met some Brasilleiros in the Salt Lake Airport and even got to talk Português with some ex-Brazilian missionaries. When we get to the CTM, it was definitely waaaaaay different than I thought. It´s in the ´wealthy´ part of São Paulo, and we got to take a tour around the area we get to roam today! Then we found out the CTM is way different than Provo. I know this because the Mission President´s wife told us as she was giving all the Elder´s hugs. After all that, we got to just relax for the WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLE day. Loved it!

My new teachers are Irmão Costa and Romalho (pronounced Ho-maal-io). They both live in SP and I. Costa went to Curitiba and I. Romalho went to Brasilia. They are soo awesome. The Brasilleiros are like what Drew described the Italians on the street being like. You say ´´Oí, tudo bem?´´ and then they give you a handshake, pull you in for a hug and BAM. You are now best friends. I love it! Unfortunately, some of our favorite Elders headed out this morning for the mission field, but this week we get Brasilleiros going to Fortaleza with us!

My Português is progressing at light speed now. I speak it a ton, and I can say a lot more than just gospel stuff now! Its weird to think that what I´ve been learning is actually intelligible. The Brasilleiros want to learn English too, so they practice on us, and we practice on them. It’s a really good thing we have going.

Most of my events this week are just typical class and so on, so I don´t have a lot of interesting stories for all of you. When I get the chance, I´ll upload a picture of the view from my room (we are on the 6th floor, so we can see a LOT of São Paulo. Now I understand why people pay so much for a view... it is incredible!).

Elder Sant is in the classroom next door, and Elder Clements lives three doors down from me, so I see them a lot, and get to interact with them a lot just because it’s a different atmosphere here. Everyone is friends and everyone wants to talk with you, it’s great!

And to Mom, I can´t tell how good Google translate is (or rather bad) but I can understand what you wrote. I´m really good at understanding what people say, it’s the speaking that is taking time, good thing we do a lot of it here!

Eu não tenho muitos coisas interessante a falar sobre esta semana, mas eu amo O CTM e os Brasilleiros. Eu não tenho tempo agora, e eu quero a ir na cidade e comprir algumas coisas. Deus é bom, e a Igreja é verdadeira! Amo-vocês! Atê proxímo semana!


Elder Cornwell


I don´t have many interesting things to talk about this week, but I love the CTM and the Brasilleiros. I don´t have time now, and I want to go to the city and buy some things. God is good and the Church is true! I love you all! Until next week!

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