Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Força Brasil!

Oí meus irmãos, irmãs e amigos!

Como é os Estados Unidos? Brasil é muito bem! Poco quente, mas ainda bem! O templo em São Paulo é bonito e eu amo ir o templo! A cidade de São Paulo é bom também! Muito bonito e muito muito MUITO grande! Lá é alguém quem trabalham a uma store que AMO os missionaríos! Cada tempo nos adando perto deles, eles dizam "Oí Elderes! Tudo bem?" e nos falamos com eles para cinqo minutos mais o menos!

I think Drew can relate, but this city is HUGE. It puts New York to shame... there are skyscrapers everywhere, and it also puts LA to shame because there is so much smog!

For Mom´s questions

1. Tell us about your companion, 2. How hot and or humid has it been and are you acclimating? 3. Who else is writing (or emailing) to you? 4. Isn’t the mail strike over?

1. My companion now is Elder Heath (from Kennewick). He went to BYU-I before this and he is going to Fortaleza as well. We get along together really well, and there isn´t a whole lot more that happens between us besides normal mission stuff!

2. It has been a little humid, but it gets really humid when it rains, but I´m pretty well acclimated (thank you sea level!). I haven´t been overheating or anything really, its good weather almost all the time.

3. Pretty much its just been minha familia, I´ve gotten a few emails from friends, and a Dear Elder from the Christensens that I really enjoyed, but I didn´t have time to respond since I left two days after I got it.

4. As for the mail strike, it is over, but the mail is still kinda slow. It takes like 10 days or so for letters to get here from the U.S. (7 from Germany... go figure)

As for my week, it has been going awesome! It picked up a little this week, so I am greatful for that, and next Monday, we are going to do Prosletísmo... namely walking the MTC boundaries placing Copies of the Book of Mormon. Exciting!

One thing I forgot to mention from last week... the Distribution Center in SP has garments for 1.80 R... THATS LIKE A DOLLAR! Everything here is ridiculously cheap... and they also have Guarana, which I looooooooooove. I hear they have it in the states, but I´ve never seen it!

My roommates and I have become really good friends... we started just talking in Portuguese whenever we could (They don´t speak a lick of english, which is PERFECT) and I talk to their class all the time to. They call me Elder Gringo, which I don´t mind, its better than Elder Fubeca (that means lazy missionary).

I have gotten tired of the breakfast, but they still feed me well here which is always good. My classes are going good too. I am learning a ton about the gospel, our purpose and how to teach. They teach less Portuguese in class than they do in Provo, but they have us speak a lot of Portuguese around wherever we can.

My teachers are awesome! I love them so much! I pretty much love everybody here... everyone is friendly and they want to talk to you, come up and say hi and chat. We are getting like 50 more americanos tomorrow though, so its starting to get crowded!

I´m trying to think of specific events I can talk about, but I don´t really have any... it is the MTC still after all. So I guess I´ll close with that!

Amo-vocês e têm um bom semahna!


Elder Cornwell

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