Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thank Goodness for Gym Time and Fruit!

It's P-day, P-day, gonna get down on P-daaaaaaaaaay.

Yeah, I'm kinda really excited for the break. It has been a VERY hectic week. We taught 4 lessons and added another investigator into our Portuguese practice. Speaking of Portuguese, it is going really well! A lot better than I was expecting at this stage in the MTC. We can pretty much talk someone's ears off about the gospel, but we can't tell you what our favorite color is... guess they are trying to tell us what's important!

Anyways, my daily routine usually consists of:

  • 6:30- Waking up, showering and getting ready
  • 7:00- Daily planning (which is just more get ready time, since our lives are planned out to the second)
  • 7:30- District Study in the classroom
  • 8:00- Breakfast
  • 8:30- Personal study
  • 10:00- TALL lab (language with the computer)
  • 11:10- GYM (it's a glorious thing)
  • 12:45- Lunch
    1:30- Language Study
  • 2:45- Classroom Instruction (or at least we think... it’s all in Portuguese)
  • 5:45- Dinner
  • 6:30- Classroom Instruction again (usually teaching investigators)
  • 9:30- Back to our rooms
  • 10:00- District Prayer
  • 10:30- Bed Time (aka lay awake until its 6:30 again)

That is pretty much how my days are, so there isn't really a whole lot going on out of the ordinary.

I did see Joe on Thursday and a couple times since... I have yet to call him Elder Clements on my first time calling out to him. I also saw a friend from school who is going to Cuiaba, and he lives in my building which is pretty sweet. Another funny thing, if you watch the "I'm a Mormon" video for Byron Elton, near the end when they are at the beach, there is a guy wearing a purple shirt with blonde hair... his name is Elder Nethercott, and he is in my District. He's a pretty cool Elder, and sorta famous now.

Last week they had a Dear Elder outage or whatever, so none of us got any mail until like Thursday, and then we all had a ton of mail, so I apologize if you wrote anything to me and I didn't respond or something in the e-mail.

I did get the package, and I have been slowly whittling away at the contents, so I should be able to keep it going for another week or so, but if you feel so inclined, a box full of Twix would be pretty nice ;) .

Our district decided to join choir since we had nothing better to do at that time, so we're going to be doing that at the devotional tonight. I have no idea who is speaking to us this week, but last week, it was Elder Ballard and it was really awesome to hear from an apostle of the Lord. We do know that it will be about the Ensign that just came out about the Book of Mormon, but I have no idea who it will be.

I don't have any other significant events that have happened here, so I hope this is enough of a letter for you! Also, I greatly appreciate letters... it gives me something to do when we get back from class rather than just lay on my bed. Also, I will write back. Oh, and another thing... this food is like torture to me... it is really doing damage to our whole district... if they didn't have fruit, I would probably starve.

I heard of people getting their Visas, but they are all from the east coast (Pennsylvania to be exact). Sounds like I'll be seeing Zach soon *evil laughs*

Also, I like the couches... but I'm surprised you didn't get them from Costco ;)

Another thing... we did get an additional teacher... Irma Hart. She was our first pesquisador, and now it is weird to see her in church clothes teaching us... just like it is weird to see Irmao Perkes in normal clothes. And as for Classroom, usually we have 3 hours of teaching/preparing to teach lessons in Portuguese, and then 1 hour of grammar, 1 hour of planning (with assistance from the teacher) and then an hour of more grammar. Just some more details, since I know Mom probably wants them.

Anyways, that's all I have for now. Eu sei que a Igreja e verdadaira e Jesus e nossos Salvador. Amo-voces!

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