Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Numbers are Dwindling

Elder Baldwin got his VISA last friday and left for Sao Paulo at 10 this morning. About 30 minutes ago, Elder Lamb got his VISA, and he is leaving next week! Yowzas! Now Elder Swinney and I are a regular companionship and Elder Heath inherits Elder Sherril, and he is moving into our room today.

I did get your package yesterday, and it is very much appreciated! I thought you had sent apples in the foam, but the Jone's soda was an awesome surprise! A watch would be very handy in the next package...other than that, I trust your judgement on what to send... you haven't disappointed!

Anyways, our Devotional on tuesday was given by Russel M. Nelson, and he talked about how we can use the Book of Mormon to help spread the gospel. He used the Ensign and shared insights on what those stories teach us about the Book of Mormon as a tool of conversion.

The rest of the week was a blur... it went by so fast, I can hardly remember what happened. Mainly a lot of beach volleyball, Portuguese and the Gospel. Pretty much the makings for an excellent week! Also, I can't remember if I said this already or not, but our pesquisador, Silvana, is now one of our teachers (Irma Hart) too! She served in Sao Paulo Sul, which is where Sister Carter is going.

We had TRC on Wednesday, which was SO AWESOME! We taught like real lessons like the missionaries would do during dinner appointments, so naturually, I talked about Member Missionary Work! Except in Portuguese! We taught Isabel (who was from Porto Allegre, but her husband studies at BYU) and Rock (who served in Recife, pronounced Heh See Fee). It was a ton of fun to teach different people we had never met before. Thank goodness we didn't have to do door approaches!

Skip to Sunday! We had mission conference, so we heard from the Mission Presidency and their wives for two hours, which was really cool! I learned a lot about being dilligent in the work. Then we had a fireside, given by some coordinator guy, but his wife was sick, so he took up the time she would've spoken by just kinda joking around, but he talked about the blessings we would get for our sacrifices. He had six missionaries come up and share something that they gave up to come on a mission, so it made me think a lot about what the Lord has in store for me.

Yesterday, we taught both Mario (nosso autro pesquisadore) and Silvana. We talked about faith with Mario and we had a mini testimony meeting with Silvana. I shared D&C 135:3 with her and testified about the importance and divine call Joseph Smith had and the plans God has in store for us. I think that was mainly brought about by ideas I had when I read my Patriarchal Blessing the night before. The spirit came on so strong, it was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had.

Today, we said goodbye to Elder Baldwin, and then went to the Temple, which is always great! There were a few less of us, but it was as uplifting as always.

That was this week... hopefully I get to call and tell you that I got my VISA sometime soon! Also, I hope everyone in the Tri-Cities is coping with my absence... I'm sure the Thiss' miss waving at me/telling me I'm going to kill myself If I keep riding that thing!

Anyways, Amo-voces! Por favor, escrivá-mim muito!

Love, Elder Cornwell

P.S. You can also send m... nevermind, I totally forgot what I wanted... I~ll write you if it was important.

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