Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tô com o povo!

Hello everybody!

This week really flew by looking back, but going through it was slow and painful! We had a lot of appointments fall through, and a lot of wandering and contacts for other areas!

So I´ll just give a rundown.

Tuesday, we had a training at district meeting and we had a pretty good object lesson. We played hot potato with a box that had a task for us to do. Our ZL told us it was a very hard and humiliating task, and that no one else could help whoever ends up with the box do it. So it turns out Elder Nelson ends up with the box. He reaches in and gets the task, which is a box of chocolate that says ´´Eat the chocolate´´. It is a simple, but very effective lesson... how often do we discourage ourselves with something that has such a great reward? It applies in just about anything that has to do with service (and missionary work)! Afterwards, we went out and worked with Franklin (a member/returned missionary who is new to the ward). We walked plenty and we didn´t have success in finding many people in their houses. At night, we taught Lúcia and Julianna about the Book of Mormon. Lúcia seemed very interested in all the implications about God that the Book of Mormon brought (I think mainly about prophets and that God never changes...more on that thought later), She was also very touched by the promises of answers to prayers given in the Book of Mormon.

Wednesday, we walked the whooooooole day and nothing happened for us. We went and did a family night with a counselor of the bishopric, and his brother-in-law (less active) and a friend of his.

Thursday was a pretty good day. We were walking and came across a group of people in front of their house. We stopped to do the contact and met some wonderful people. They have already known the church and some members, but it seems that the missionaries never passed by to teach them. What we found was someone with practically has our same values. We gave a message from the Book of Mormon (which he accepted gladly). I am certain he will become a part of the church, whether I see it or not.

Friday, we had just about the same luck...At night... we just decided to go to the OTHER end of our area just to do contacts. There wasn´t anything marvelous that happened, but I think the journey was what we needed to experience.

I´m just going to skip to Sunday because I´m getting bored of saying the same thing over and over again haha. So in church, Elder Nelson and I gave talks. I gave mine about how faith is all about action. I used James 2:17,19-20. What I took out of it was that the only thing that differentiates us from our fallen brothers, is that we chose to follow Christ in the first place. And if we stop doing that here? Even they believe in Christ, but if we don´t anything, we won´t be any better off than them... well, we will, but we won´t be happy! I finished with Moroni 7:47 and I finished by saying that ´´If you have faith, you have hope... and if you have hope... you won´t wait.´´ (quick Portuguese lesson... hope is esperança and wait is esperar... see the similarity?).

Another thing I learned this week... while studying preach my gospel, I learned that our message is just saying that God was and is the same. Imagine... if God changed his mind, would the Bible still be valid? D we still have to be perfect? Do we still have to be baptised? If God changes... how are we to know what he wants of us? Either way, there is a need of prophets. The Book of Mormon gives a certain that God doesn´t change what he wants from us... and states exactly what he wants from us. if someone chooses not to accept the Book of Mormon, they don´t understand our Heavenly Father in the least. Another story... in Baturité, there was an influential priest who said the following... ´´There exist two gods. The god of the catholics and the god of the evangelicals.´´ When I stopped and thought about it... it really is true that there are multiple gods. The God that our church knows to be the true God is one who still speaks with his CHILDREN and who never changes, is just and loves us more than imaginable. Other Churches follow a god that doesn´t do miracles, that only created us, that doesn´t really exist, a god that changes... a god that truly doesn´t love us.

All of our investigators NEED to understand that God is our Heavenly Father, and when they truly understand that, they will know that he hasn´t ceased to work among us, to call prophets, or to reveal his secrets to us. How grateful I am to believe in Our Heavenly Father!

So, that was my week, and my insights!

Love you all!

Elder Cornwell

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