Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mais um!

So this week flew by again like always. Transfers already happened and Elder Leal and I stayed in the same spot, so we are enjoying our actual p-day.

So, this morning when I left home, I swore I put my planner in my back pack, but I don´t have it with me now. I don´t know how it happened, but it happened!
I´ll just include the highlights of this week.
So on Tuesday we went to Fortaleza for our last District Meeting of the transfer. Elder Landskrun is headed home right about now, and another Elder and Sister are headed off as well, but our zone stayed pretty intact. This transfer there are 12 new Americans, 2 Brazilians and 2 Argentines, so President opened a few areas in our Zone. Elder Rocha will be my DL again (I´m excited for that) so I´ll see him a ton again. So, this was our last one and we said some quick goodbyes ( I got some birthday cards as well from Toni and the Greer-Shorts, as well as the Davis´ last week. I intend to write something back to everyone, but we will see how that ends up.) The rest of the day I can´t even remember.
Wednesday, we went to Irmã Eliza for lunch, so we had a cool trip out there (I´ll attach a picture of the post office out there. Also a bunch of little kids ´killed´ this huge snake (We came back later and it was moving a little bit). We had a big lunch with something that was like cornbread and lasagna mixed together... really good! Afterwards we went visiting families (I can´t even remember who!). I just remember at night there was a fireworks show (because Corinthians won the final of the Libertadores Cup 2-0 against Boca Juniors). That lasted a good part of the night. You all now how Brazilians love their football.

Thursday we had lunch with Branco and Ancylia, and we went and visited a less active ´girl´ (she is 18) who works close by. We talked to her for a bit and told her that her presence was missed at church. Afterwards, we went and visited the family of Irmão Domingos. Afterwards we talked some more with Andrea, Charlles and Isaías. Isaías is awesome, but for right now, he is doing a free drivers ed class fri-sat-sun that takes up all day, so until next week, he cant make it to church.

Friday, we had lunch with Irmã Paula, and the trip back to Baturité took a little bit of time. When we got back, I was feeling really crappy. My calves were sore, I had a fever and my nose was all plugged up. It was the normal cold that I´ve already gotten twice before, so we went to the pharmacy and I bought cold medicine, then went home and died.

Saturday, I woke up pretty crappy as well. We went to get food, and then we came back because I wasn´t in condition to work in the sun. At night I was feeling a lot better, so we went to Institute so that they could actually have it. The lesson was on Ordinances and Covenants in the Old Testament. The main point was that Christ made this law (the gospel) so that by following it, and fulfilling the ordinances, we could become perfect. When we live the gospel law here on earth, we are qualifying ourselves to live the celestial law. The point was brought up that the fullness of the gospel is the ´new and everlasting covenant´. I pieced together (along with some things that I have observed from other people) that by always going to the temple, and living the gospel, we aren´t qualifying ourselves to be perfect, but we are coming closer and closer to being perfect in and of ourselves. The gospel truly does change us in a way that often times is very easy to see. When we pray every day, we are different. When we study the scriptures everyday, we are different. And when we go to the temple frequently, we are VERY different. This is the Gospel in action! Christ only built the bridge over the valley of death. When he paid for our sins and resurrected, he completed his part. Our part is to repent of our sins, do good works, live the gospel and make ourselves perfect. We can´t wait for Christ to make us pray, read the scriptures, go to church or even the temple! But when we do these things, we change, and we become more and more like Christ everyday. This is the miracle of the gospel!

So there is my insight for the week. Sunday, we had a good number of people at church, including some young men who aren´t members, but have some good member influences. Afterwards, we went to visit everyone, but only Valdir was home... so the majority of our day was just walking. We went home and celebrated the new transfer by sleeping!

So that was my week. Hope this letter is filling enough for you all! I love you all!

Elder Cornwell

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