Monday, February 20, 2012

Ei! É Carnival!

Helllo Family! So, this week is carnival, which here means listen to forro and drink even more. That's what all holidays are in this part of Brasil. Go figure!

So this week has been kind of nuts and went by fast. At the end of P-day, we went to a family night with the other Elders and did that for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, we had two long lessons, one because there was two women who had a ton of questions and had a hard time grasping the concepts we were presenting. The other was we taught a friend of the Bishop whose family is pretty darn Catholic, but they were very receptive to our message. That passed that day.

Wednesday, we did a baptismal interview for the other Elders that took about an hour and a half in the morning. Then we went to a Churrasco because our lunch ended up being money (Allison's note: "money," in this context, means that it paid off - something good happened), and that was real good. Then we taught Gehrlane, the Uncle of a member. This was our second time teaching him, and the first time, we talked a little about the word of wisdom and he had stopped drinking, smoking and coffee and his mom was totally helping him with all of it. He already knows he wants to join our church, he just doesn´t know how significant it is. He has seen the changes it makes and he wants to have those same changes. He already has a pretty god start on that. Afterwards, we taught a lady who had taken the lessons 4 years ago but wasn´t baptised because she was living with a boyfriend. Se didn´t remember a whole lot, so we started from square one. After that, we headed back home because it was about that time.

Thursday we had Zone Conference in Fortaleza, so that took up a big part of our day. President talked about how prayer is important for our investigators. Also, I met Elder Rocha (he is in my zone now, he used to be in my area) and he gave me a hug in place of Elder Clements. It was neat to meet him and just talk a little. Afterwards, we went to the mission office and took care of some little things, then walked through the Center to get to a terminal. We got back at about 8 o clock and it started raining that day around 4.

Friday, it rained a bunch and there were bugs EVERYWHERE at night. In the morning, we prepared the chapel and baptismal font for our baptism of Renato and Tuanny, which took a little bit. After we had lunch, and went out and got nothing done (I think the people here are allergic to cold and rain haha). Then at night, we went to the chapel and had a great baptism service. There were a ton of members there because they were excited for their baptism.

Saturday, we taught a friend of Tuanny´s in the morning that lives wayyyy out in the middle of nowhere, which is really freakin awesome! We taught him for a looong time because he had a lot of questions and doubts and such, but it went really good. After, we had lunch a little bit late. Then we taught a family of a mom and 5 daughters for a little bit. I can´t even remember after that, but we headed back home early because our area was getting filled with loud music and alcohol, so we decided to end the day with that.

Sunday, we had pretty much NO ONE at church. Probably about 15 people because all the youth went to an EFY (Allison's note: "EFY" means "Especially for Youth." A youth conference event) thing they have so they are away for Carnival, and a lot of members were just gone. That was pretty much our day.

And today is Pday... we haven´t really done anything yet haha.

So that was my crazy week. I don´t really have much more to add, so I´ll close with that!

Love you all!
Elder Cornwell

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